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Aliquot (Latin: a few, some, not many) may refer to:


  • Aliquot part, a proper divisor of an integer
  • Aliquot sum, the sum of the aliquot parts of an integer
  • Aliquot sequence, a sequence of integers in which each number is the aliquot sum of the previous number


  • Aliquot stringing, the use of strings which are not struck to make a note but which resonate sympathetically with struck notes
  • Aliquot stop, an organ stop that adds harmonics or overtones instead of the primary pitch


  • Aliquot in chemistry or other science, a sample or portion of a total amount of a liquid
  • Aliquot in pharmaceutics, a method of measuring ingredients below the sensitivity of a scale by proportional dilution with inactive known ingredients
  • Genome aliquoting, the problem of reconstructing an ancestral genome from the genomes of polyploid descendants

Other uses[edit]

  • Aliquot part, in the Public Land Survey System, a subdivision of a section based upon an even division by distances along the edges and not by equal area