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Alison Viktorin
Born Alison Ruth Retzloff
(1981-02-01) February 1, 1981 (age 34)
Residence Euless, Texas[1]
Other names Alison Retzloff
Education California Lutheran University (B.A.)[2]
Occupation Voice actress
Years active 2004–present
Agent Mary Collins Agency
Home town Argyle, Texas[1]
Spouse(s) Dustin Kayne Viktorin (m. 2005)
Children 1[1]

Alison Ruth Retzloff Viktorin (born February 1, 1981 in Argyle, Texas) is an American voice actress who has worked with Funimation/OkraTron 5000. She has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime shows, her most notable role being Conan Edogawa in the detective series Case Closed. She also does commercials and modeling in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.[3]

Alison is a 2003 graduate of California Lutheran University earning a BA in Drama.[2][3] Alison married Dustin Kayne Viktorin of Euless, Texas on August 27, 2005 in Fredericksburg, Texas.[2]



List of voice performances in anime
Year Series Role Notes Source[4]
2004 Kiddy Grade Viola Debut role  
2004 Case Closed Conan Edogawa First starring voice-over role, also related English-dubbed films and specials [5]
2004 Spiral Little Boy [episode needed]  
2004 Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy Bucky    
2005 Burst Angel Amy   [6]
2006 Lupin the Third: Missed by a Dollar Spirit Guide   [citation needed]
2006 Desert Punk Tsumiko credited as Alison Viktorin from here onwards [citation needed]
2006 Negima! Fuka Narutaki, Fumika Narutaki    
2006 Rumbling Hearts Hotaru   [citation needed]
2007 Basilisk Takechiyo Ep. 18 [citation needed]
2006 Black Cat Adam [episode needed] [citation needed]
2007 Mushishi Maho
Eps. 3, 22 [citation needed]
2007 School Rumble Haruki Hanai (Child) Ep. 13 [citation needed]
2007 Itsudatte My Santa! Sharry   [citation needed]
2007 Peach Girl Tomiko   [citation needed]
2008-09 Sasami: Magical Girls Club Sasami Iwakura   [7]
2008 Negima Spring and Summer Specials Fuka Narutaki, Fumika Narutaki    
2008 Ghost Hunt Kenji Eps. 12–13 [citation needed]
2008 Hell Girl Nina Ep. 17 [citation needed]
2008 Jyu-Oh-Sei Rai, Thor Klein (Child)   [citation needed]
2008 Witchblade Yuki Sasaki Ep. 16 [citation needed]
2009 Save Me! Lollipop Zero (Child)   [citation needed]
2009 El Cazador de la Bruja Joaquin Ep. 26 [citation needed]
2009 Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry Carmichael   [citation needed]
2010 One Piece Chabo Ep. 180 [citation needed]
2010 The Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk Acra   [citation needed]
2011 Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor Suo Pavlichenko    
2011 Heaven's Lost Property Tomoko Also forte [8]
2011 Summer Wars Shingo Jinnouchi    
2011 Sgt. Frog Karara Eps. 64–65, 77 [citation needed]
2011 Shiki Shizuka Matsuo   [citation needed]
2012 A Certain Magical Index Kuroko Shirai    
2012 Shakugan no Shana Movie Yukari Hirai   [5]
2013 A Certain Scientific Railgun Kuroko Shirai    
2013–14 Haganai Kobato Hasegawa Also Haganai Next [9]
2013 Wolf Children Ame (Child)   [5]
2013 Eureka Seven: AO Liu Ing   [citation needed]
2013 Michiko and Hatchin Gabriel Belenbauza Yamada Ep. 1 [citation needed]
2014 Space Dandy QT   [10]
2014 One Piece Hoichael [episode needed] [citation needed]
2014 Karneval Kiichi   [citation needed]
2014 A Certain Magical Index II Kuroko Shirai   [citation needed]
2014 A Certain Scientific Railgun S Kuroko Shirai   [citation needed]
2014 Fairy Tail Chelia Blendy [episode needed] [citation needed]
2014 High School DxD New Gasper Bloody   [11]
2015 Psycho-Pass 2 Sakuya Togane (Child)   [citation needed]
2015 Nobunagun Lemon/Geronimo   [citation needed]
2015 Blood Blockade Battlefront Nej Ep. 6 [citation needed]

Video games[edit]

List of voice performances in video games
Year Series Role Notes Source[4]
TBD Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation Conan Edogawa   [5]

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