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Alistair Elliot (born 13 October 1932 Liverpool) is a British poet and translator.


He was born in Liverpool, son of a Scottish family doctor and an English mother, and educated at Asheville School, Asheville, North Carolina, Fettes College, Edinburgh, and Christ Church, Oxford.[1]

He was a vegetable invoice clerk in Covent Garden market, night sterilizer in a food factory, waiter, film critic, supply teacher, actor (with the English Children's Theatre under Caryl Jenner) and finally librarian in Kensington, Keele, Shiraz, and lastly at Newcastle University.[2]

His translation of Euripides' Medea was performed in theatres in London and New York in a production by Jonathan Kent with Diana Rigg in the leading rôle.

His poems have appeared in Oxford Poetry,[3] The Paris Review,[4] and many other journals.





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