Alistair Milne

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Alistair Milne
Born (1977-10-02) October 2, 1977 (age 39)
Manchester, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Occupation Investor, Entrepreneur and Author

Alistair Milne (born October 1977) is a British entrepreneur and investor.


He founded his first company aged 17, also working for AOL in 1996.[1] Just after graduating from UMIST in 1999, Alistair sold 'The Junction' Web business to Stream Group Plc[2] in 2000. Alistair has founded and sold several companies over the past 15 years, including one IPO on the AIM stock exchange.

Alistair co-founded Evosite[3] in 2001 and is responsible for business strategy and development as well as financial management. Alistair has also invested into Oxis Energy, Agriya,[4] i-Fluid,[5] GRIDiant[6] and Hello! Messenger.

According to Peerindex, Alistair is in the top 100 VC's & Business Angels on Twitter[7]

Alistair publishes books and advice under the 'Startup Expert'[8] brand.


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