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Alive magazine feb08.jpg
February 2012 cover
Editor-in-Chief Stuart Harries
Categories Health and wellness
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 200,000 per month
Publisher Ryan Benn
First issue 1974
Company Alive Publishing
Country Canada
Language English

alive is a Canadian natural health and wellness magazine. Published monthly, alive provides readers with information on leading healthy lifestyles, and focuses on a range of topics from natural health, organics, fitness, beauty, and nutrition, to holistic healing, emotional health and sustainability. alive is distributed in Canadian health retailers and can be purchased through personal subscriptions.

Notable contributors include William E. Rees and David Suzuki.

In June 2008, Masthead Online reported that alive ranked 31st in revenues of all Canadian magazines, and had a readership (according to the Print Measurement Bureau) of 562,000.[1]