Alive in Poland

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Alive in Poland
Live album by Blaze
Released July 27, 2007
Recorded March 24, 2007
Genre Heavy metal
Length 90:41
Label SPV
Producer Andy Sneap
Blaze chronology
Blood and Belief
Alive in Poland
The Man Who Would Not Die

Alive in Poland is the fifth release and second live album by English heavy metal band Blaze Bayley, released in 2007. It features mostly the band's original material, though they also play some Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane covers, as lead singer Blaze Bayley used to be in both bands.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Speed of Light"
  3. "The Brave"
  4. "Futureal" (Iron Maiden Cover)
  5. "Alive"
  6. "Tough as Steel" (Wolfsbane Cover)
  7. "Man on the Edge" (Iron Maiden Cover)
  8. "Virus" (Iron Maiden Cover)
  9. "Ten Seconds"
  10. "When Two Worlds Collide" (Iron Maiden Cover)
  11. "Look for the Truth" (Iron Maiden Cover)
  12. "Kill and Destroy"
  13. "Silicon Messiah"
  14. "Tenth Dimension"
  15. "Sign of the Cross" (Iron Maiden Cover)
  16. "Born as a Stranger"