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Alix Kerr Liddell
Born (1907-05-10)10 May 1907
Died 1981
Occupation Girl Guides leader; writer
Spouse(s) Maurice Liddell (1937-1976; his death); 2 daughters
Children Virginia Sarah Alix Ashton (née Liddell)
Judith Rose Jackson (née Liddell)
Parent(s) Rose Kerr
Mark Kerr

Alix Kerr, Mrs. Liddell OBE (10 May 1907 – 1981) contributed to the Guiding and Girl Scouting movement both in the United Kingdom and internationally. She wrote several books on the history of Guiding.


Alix Liddell was the daughter of Rose Kerr, a pioneer of Girl Guiding, and Admiral Mark Kerr, British Navy. On 28 July 1937 she married Maurice Arthur Liddell, OBE (born 12 September 1905 – died 1976). They had two children: Virginia Sarah Alix, Mrs Ashton (born 16 September 1941) and Judith Rose, Mrs Jackson (born 2 October 1944)

Guiding and Scouting[edit]

The Kerr family were personal friends of Olave and Robert Baden-Powell and Liddell's mother was heavily involved in Guiding. Liddell began her life in Guiding as a Brownie. She attended the first International Camp in Normandy in 1922. Later she became both a Guider and a Commissioner.

She held numerous positions at national level within UK Guiding including Chairman of Publications Committee, International Commissioner and member of the Education Panel. She attended nine of the ten World Conferences between 1950 and 1975.[citation needed]

Liddell produced numerous books on Guiding, including several on the history of the movement. She was editor of The Council Fire, a World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) publication, for nearly 30 years. Liddell was awarded the Silver Fish.[citation needed]


  • 1948: International Notebook - Europe
  • 1954: Story of the Girl Guides: 1908-1938 (Revised by Liddell)
  • 1957: The True Book about Girl Guides
  • 1960: The First Fifty Years
  • (1965?): The Story of Our Chalet, Olave House, Our Cabaña (with Ida von Herrenschwand and Ethel Rusk Dermady)
  • 1970: The Girl Guides, 1910-1970
  • (1976?): Briefly it's Guides
  • 1976: Story of the Girl Guides: 1938 - 1975

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