Aliya bint Ali

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Aliya bint Ali
Queen Aliya bint Ali of Hejaz.jpg
Queen consort of Iraq
Tenure 25 January 1934 - 4 April 1939
Born 1911
Mecca, Ottoman Empire
Died December 21, 1950(1950-12-21) (39)
Baghdad, Iraq
Burial Royal Mausoleum, Adhamiyah
Spouse Ghazi of Iraq
Issue Faisal II of Iraq
House Hashemite
House House of Hashemite
Father Ali of Hejaz
Mother Nafissa Khanum
Religion Sunni Islam[1]

Aliya bint Ali of Hejaz (1911 – December 21, 1950), was an Arabian princess and a queen consort of Iraq. She was the spouse and first cousin of King Ghazi of Iraq and the queen mother of Faisal II of Iraq. She was the last queen of Iraq.[2]

Princess Aliya bint Ali was the second daughter of Ali bin Hussein, King of the Hijaz and Grand Sharif of Mecca.[3]

On January 25, 1934 Aliya bint Ali married her first cousin, King Ghazi I of Iraq in Baghdad, Iraq. They had one son:

Queen Aliya eventually separated from king Ghazi. When Ghazi died in a car crash on 4 April 1939, the politician Nuri as-Said was widely suspected of being implicated in his death. At the royal funeral crowds chanted: “You will answer for the blood of Ghazi, Nuri.” Nuri was suspected to have been in contact with queen Aliya and plotted with the brother of the queen, 'Abd al-Ilah, to depose the king[4] Nuri supported the accession of 'Abd al-Ilah as regent for Ghazi’s successor, Faisal II, who was still a minor. The new regent was initially susceptible to Nuri’s influence. As her son, the last monarch of Iraq, did not marry, Aliya was the last queen of Iraq.


National Honours



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Aliya bint Ali
Born: 1911 1950
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Huzaima bint Nasser
Queen of Iraq
Title next held by
Kingdom abolished in 1958