Aliyar River

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Aliyar River
Aliyar Reservoir.JPG
Aliyar Dam Reservoir
Aliyar River is located in India
Aliyar River
Location of mouth
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates10°21′42″N 77°05′31″E / 10.3617543°N 77.0920165°E / 10.3617543; 77.0920165
 • coordinates
10°37′N 76°57′E / 10.617°N 76.950°E / 10.617; 76.950Coordinates: 10°37′N 76°57′E / 10.617°N 76.950°E / 10.617; 76.950
Basin features
WaterbodiesAliyar Reservoir, Upper Aliyar Reservoir

Aliyar is one of the tributaries of the river Kannadipuzha. Kannadipuzha is one of the main tributaries of the river Bharathapuzha, the second-longest river in Kerala, south India. It's source is the Aliyar dam in Aliyar near Pollachi in Tamil Nadu

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