Aljaž Pegan

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Aljaž Pegan
Aljaž Pegan 2010.jpg
Aljaž Pegan in 2010
Personal information
Country represented  Slovenia
Born (1974-06-02) June 2, 1974 (age 43)
Discipline Men's artistic gymnastics
Eponymous skills Pegan (high bar), Pegan (parallel bars)

Aljaž Pegan, born June 2, 1974, is a Slovenian gymnast.

Pegan is one of the best Slovenian gymnasts, he competes on Horizontal Bar, where he is world and European champion. He also has an element, the pegan, named after him on both high bar and parallel bars.

He has been competing internationally since 1988, but has not qualified for any Olympic Games yet, due to the IFG rules, which do not allow competitors to participate only on individual tools. He was denied qualification to the 2008 Beijing Games when the Olympic "wild card" spot was awarded to a different gymnast.

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