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Main on 15 November 2016
Type of site
Available in

English (English and formerly America)

Serbian (Balkans)
Owner Al Jazeera Media Network
Created by Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera America (2013-2016)
Al Jazeera Balkans
Slogan(s) All The News, All The Time
Alexa rank As of 14 April 2015: 1,669 [1]
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 2011 (English and Balkans)
2013 (America)
2014 (Video)
Current status Active is the main web address for the Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Balkans and former Al Jazeera America websites. The domain name was acquired by Al Jazeera Media Network in March 2011 from Aljazeera Publishing, a Dubai-based media company which owned the separate Aljazeera Magazine, after a long-running domain name dispute between the two entities. Al Jazeera English began promoting instead of since the domain name became part of Al Jazeera English. It is also used and subdivided as the homepage for the channels of Al Jazeera America and Al Jazeera Balkans. Al Jazeera Media Network also owns the original for their Arabic language channels and properties and for their Turkish language properties including Al Jazeera Turk.

History of Al Jazeera Magazine[edit]

Until March 2011, was an English language website for Aljazeera Magazine, which was unrelated to the Arabic satellite TV channel Al Jazeera; the latter operated websites in both Arabic ( and English ( It was also unrelated to Al Jazeera Newspaper of Saudi Arabia. According to Alexa, there were fewer visitors to in comparison to[2] The former website was operated by Aljazeera Publishing, described as an "independent media organisation."

Domain name dispute[edit]

In 2005, the Al Jazeera TV channel attempted to obtain the domain name[3] but failed.[4]

In the Administrative Panel Decision, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center found the TV Channel to have brought the proceedings in bad faith and found it had abused the administrative proceedings.

As of 2006, wrote on their About page:

"Important note: Aljazeera Publishing and are not associated with any of the below organisations:
1. Al Jazeera Newspaper, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia whose website is
2. Al Jazeera Satellite Channel whose website is
3. Al Jazeera Information Centre who website is
Aljazeera Publishing disassociates itself from the views, opinions and broadcasts of these titles."[5]

Views presented by are frequently misattributed to the Al Jazeera TV channel,[6] including one case in which The Times criticised the channel in its leader column based on material published on, for which the newspaper later apologised.[7] The magazine's editorial slant appears markedly different than that of the Al Jazeera TV channel, with the former far more critical of U.S. and Israeli policy than the latter.

In April 2011, the domain directed to Al Jazeera English, and the domain ownership as listed on WHOIS records was updated from Al Jazeera Publishing to Al Jazeera Media Network. At the time of the purchase, a simple page stated "Moving to Doha", leading to certain long-time readers initially suspecting a hack of the website. No public details regarding the purchase of the domain has been made public by either party.

Activity since takeover[edit]

Since the takeover of, Al Jazeera Media Network has subdivided the domain into other websites for their other non-Arabic news channels besides Al Jazeera English. In 2011 upon the launch of Al Jazeera Balkans the channel created which became the main page for the Al Jazeera Balkans website.

In 2013 Al Jazeera did it again with the website for Al Jazeera America creating which is the main page for that channels website and to which in the United States redirected to on the first click into during the existence of the American channel. From there you would have the option of going to the Al Jazeera English page. Al Jazeera is also used the domain for specials between the two channels and cross links between the two. After the folding of Al Jazeera America and a re-design of the main the address beginning in November 2016 was redirected to the main

In 2014 Al Jazeera created, a secondary page for their all digital, all online and video on demand channel AJ+. Its primary page is

As part of a 2014 re-design of the Al Jazeera English site, a new was launched that offers a live stream of Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera English shows and documentaries on demand. It is possible that the site could include video from other Al Jazeera channels.


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