Aljmaš, Croatia

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Skyline of Aljmaš
Aljmaš is located in Osijek-Baranja County
Aljmaš is located in Croatia
Coordinates: 45°31′46″N 18°57′00″E / 45.529458°N 18.949955°E / 45.529458; 18.949955
Country  Croatia
County Zastava Osječko-baranjske županije.png Osijek-Baranja County
Municipality Erdut
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 605
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Aljmaš is a village in the Erdut municipality in eastern Croatia. Aljmaš lies on the right bank of the Danube.

Marian church[edit]

During the 1991 Croatian War of Independence, the Catholic church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Aljmaš was destroyed, and had to be built almost completely anew in 2006.[2] 100 thuonsand of pilgrims visit the site yearly on August 15, the Catholic holiday of the Assumption of Mary.[3]

An interesting piece of information related to Aljmaš cemetery located in the area called Rotkvinac . The following II . World. War is one of the villager for his involvement in the Ustasha army sentenced to a long prison term . When his father died , his sister wrote it in a letter , which he could receive and send once a month . After its reaction in the next letter , sister concluded that the news of the death of his father , censorship wiped or otherwise removed , so that for this not learned . After the death of his mother , as he wrote , but he again noticed in his writings , it is not the news was not received and read . Then he thought of him in the following letter wrote, " Your father and mother traveled to Rotkvinac " . As censor thought it was some place , which is not disputed by them , they gave him a letter with the text and thus learned to have actually died and were buried in Rotkvinc - or Aljmaš cemetery .

In the spring of 2014 years , Aljmas marked valuable jubilee 777 years since the first mention of its name . Data on the first mention of the name and other interesting historical material villages , the archives in Croatia and Hungary for years he collected the President of the local board Aljmaš Ivica Stankovic , who takes care of all the found documentation and preparation issue Monographs Aljmas .

The rebuilt Marian church in Aljmaš has an unusual shape and facade.
The old picture of the Aljmas Statue

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