Alkitrang dugo

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Alkitrang dugo
Alkitrang Dugo.jpg
Film cover
Directed by Lupita A. Concio
Produced by Nora Aunor
Written by Nicanor B. Cleto Jr.
Starring Eddie Villamayor
Roderick Paulate
Music by Lutgardo Labad
Cinematography Joe Batac Jr.
Edited by Ben Barcelon
Release dates
5 October 1975 (1975-10-05)
22 January 1977 (1977-01-22) (Davao)
Running time
107 min
Country Philippines
Language Filipino

Alkitrang dugo is a 1975 Filipino film based on the novel Lord of the Flies by English novelist Sir William Golding.


A group of young Filipino athletes find themselves stranded on an uninhabited island after their plane crashes, claiming the lives of both their pilot and coach. Luis organizes the group and appoints himself leader. They find fresh water and gather coconuts. They then tried to build a shelter and tried to start a fire to keep warm and alert passing ships of their whereabouts, but Andy wants to stay on this island forever, because he is more interested in playing Indians and hunting wild game, and it soon becomes evident that he is unhappy with Luis's leadership. Andy challenges Luis to a proper vote, resulting in a division amongst the group, half in favor of Andy and half in favor of Luis. What follows is a rapid decline into all out war between the two groups.


  • Roderick Paulate as Andy
  • Eddie Villamayor as Luis
  • Toto Jr. as Nilo
  • Margie Braza as Clarita
  • Jingle as Glenda
  • Angelito
  • Efren Montes
  • Zernan Manahan
  • Rinna Peredo as Velvy
  • Michael Sandico as Angelo
  • Ricky Sandico as Biko

Differences between the book and the film[edit]

  • The film depicts boys and girls stranded on the island together, while in the book there were only boys.
  • In the book, the children elect a leader shortly after being stranded on the island; in the film, the election does not take place until they have already been on the island for several weeks.


The movie was set on location at Lipata, Padre Burgos, Quezon.

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