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Background information
Origin Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia
Genres Folk metal, doom metal
Years active 1995—present
Labels Ketzer Records, MetalAgen Records, Haarbn Productions, Metalism Records, Vic Records
Members Andrey Losev
Dmitriy Sokolov
Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya
Maxim Shtanke
Past members Alyona Pelevina
Alexey Solovyov
Anton Chepigin
Almira Fatkhullina
Vladimir Pavlik
Sergey Medvedev

Alkonost is a Russian epic folk metal band formed in Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia in 1995. Starting small and gradually building a local Russian fanbase, they are now known to rock fans throughout Eastern and Northern Europe.


The band is best known amongst heavy metal fans in their native country of the Russian Federation. However, their music has been discussed and shared on the internet, particularly on Usenet, and they have found new audiences in Nordic Europe and the United Kingdom. Signed to Metalism Records, their albums are available with English titles, although the songs themselves are predominantly sung in Russian. In 2007, for the first time, the band was able to perform outside of Russia, touring Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.,[1] where they were warmly received.[2]


The band's material is based on Russian paganism and mythology, and the melodies are drawn from indigenous Russian folk music, but the arrangements and riffs are drawn from power metal, black metal and symphonic metal, consisting of simplistic power chords under intricate "shredding" lead guitar (characteristic of power metal), male low-end shrieks (found in black metal) and soaring female operatic vocals (as found in symphonic metal). This has led them to be categorised in all these genres, as well as doom metal and folk metal.


The band was the brainchild of bass guitarist Elk who was interested in the idea of fusing Russian folk music with Heavy metal. After recording some experimental demos he decided to switch to lead guitar and recruited Alex Solovyov (nicknamed 'Nightbird') as new bassist. By 1997 the band was touring the local rock circuit and had cut their first promotional demo, titled "Shadows Of Timeless" with a further demo entitled Shadows of Glory following shortly after. In 1998 drummer Vladimir Lousshin was recruited and first proper studio album Songs Of the Eternal Oak was recorded. To "fill out" the sound, Almira was recruited on keyboards the following year.

In 2000, "Songs Of The Eternal Oak" was released on the Latvian label Beverina. A promotional video was shot and at the end of the year female soprano vocalist Alyona was added to the band. This lineup recorded new demo "Spirit Tending To Revolt" that December. In 2001 Vladimir Lousshin was replaced by Anton on drums. A further demo, exclusively in Russian titled "Nevedomye Zemli" (translation: Unknown Lands) and promo video, followed.

The band's "big break" came with a record deal with the Northern European label Metalism Records and eponymous second album "Alkonost" was released in July 2002. Albums Between the Worlds and The Path We've Never Made followed at two-yearly intervals; songs "Waiting"[3] and "The Night Before the Battle"[4] were accompanied by music videos.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Russian name English name/ English transliteration (translation)
2000 Songs of the Eternal Oak
2004 Between the Worlds
2006 Межмирье Mezhmirie (Between the Worlds)
2006 Путь непройденный Pout' Neproydenny (The Path We've Never Made)
2007 Песни вечного древа Pesni Vechnogo Dreva (Songs of the Eternal Oak)
2007 Каменного сердца кровь Kamennogo Serdtsa Krov' (Stone Heart Blood)
2010 На крыльях зова Na Kryliakh Zova (On the Wings of the Call)
2013 Сказки странствий Skazki Stranstviy (Tales of Wanderings)
2016 Песни белой лилии Pesni Beloy Lilii (Songs of the White Lily)


Year Russian name English name/ English transliteration (translation) Notes
2001 Memories consists of Shadows of Glory, Shadows of Timeless, and Spirit Tending to Revolt demos
2002 Alkonost consists of Songs of the Eternal Oak album with the Spirit Tending to Revolt demos
2004 Родная земля Rodnaya Zemlia (The Native Land) consists of Between the Worlds album and two live tracks


Year Russian name English name/ English transliteration (translation)
1997 Shadows of Glory
1997 Shadows of Timeless
2000 Spirit Tending to Revolt
2001 Неведомые земли Nevedomye Zemli (Unknown Lands)


Year Russian name English name/ English transliteration (translation) Notes
2008 У стен Арконы Ou Sten Arkony (In Front of the Arkona Walls)
2008 Live in Moscow Split Månegarm / Alkonost / Kalevala


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