Alkylglycerol monooxygenase

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alkylglycerol monooxygenase
EC number1.14.16.5
CAS number37256-82-9
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Alkylglycerol monooxygenase (AGMO) (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydroxylation of alkylglycerols, a specific subclass of ether lipids. This enzyme was first described in 1964 as a pteridine-dependent etherlipid cleaving enzyme.[1] In 2010 finally, the gene coding for alkylglycerol monooxygenase was discovered as transmembrane protein 195 (TMEM195) on chromosome 7.[2] In analogy to the enzymes phenylalanine hydroxylase, tyrosine hydroxylase, tryptophan hydroxylase and nitric oxide synthase, alkylglycerol monooxygenase critically depends on the cofactor tetrahydrobiopterin and iron.

The reaction catalyzed by alkylglycerol monooxygenase:

  • 1-alkyl-sn-glycerol + tetrahydrobiopterin + O2 1-hydroxyalkyl-sn-glycerol + 6,7[8H]-dihydrobiopterin + H2O

The unstable intermediate product 1-hydroxyalkyl-sn-glycerol rearranges into the fatty aldehyde and the free glycerol derivative. The fatty aldehyde is then further oxidized to the corresponding acid by fatty aldehyde dehydrogenase.

Alkylglycerol monooxygenase is a membrane-bound mixed-function oxidase and harbours a fatty acid hydroxylase motif. The iron is believed to be coordinated by a diiron center composed of eight histidines, which can be found in all enzymes containing this motif.


The systematic name for this enzyme is 1-alkyl-sn-glycerol,tetrahydrobiopterin:oxygen oxidoreductase. Other names in use are glyceryl-ether monooxygenase, glyceryl-ether cleaving enzyme, glyceryl ether oxygenase, glyceryl etherase, and O-alkylglycerol monooxygenase.


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