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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance (as Mr. Magnificent) Kickers, Inc. #1 (1986) (as All-American) D.P.7. #21 (1988)
Created by Tom DeFalco
Ron Frenz
In-story information
Alter ego Giovanni "Jack" Magniconte
Notable aliases John, Jack, Mr. Magnificent
Abilities superhuman strength, durability, reflexes, and speed

All-American (Jack Magniconte), who has also been called Mr. Magnificent is a fictional character published in the New Universe imprint of Marvel Comics. He was the central figure of Kickers, Inc., and when that title was discontinued he became a supporting character in other New Universe titles. When the New Universe was brought into the mainstream Marvel Universe, he was one of the characters featured.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Jack Magniconte was the star quarterback for the New York Smashers, dubbed "Mr. Magnificent" by the press. His brother Steve (who had raised him) designed a machine to enhance muscle mass and borrowed money from a loan shark to build the device. Jack was one of the people who was affected by the radiation of the "White Event" -- a then-unexplained cosmic event which caused a small percentage of the human race to develop superhuman powers. Jack's powers, however, did not manifest until he volunteered to test his brother's "intensifier." Upon first exposure, Jack's hair turned white and his muscle-mass and stamina were increased to a superhuman level.

At first thrilled, Jack discovered that football no longer held any challenge for him, and he began trying to wear himself out before games in an attempt to give his opponents a sporting chance. Meanwhile, Steve's intensifier was not having any measurable result on other test subjects. Steve was unable to pay the loan shark back, so the loan shark suggest that he have Jack throw the Super Bowl instead. Steve did not even ask his brother to do so, and Jack won the Super Bowl easily (although by this time it meant nothing to him). Jack came to visit his brother afterwards, just in time to see his brother killed by one of the loan shark's men. He overpowered the killer easily.

Jack decided to dedicate his life to helping others, and formed a non-profit foundation called "Kickers, Inc." to help people with unusual problems. He was joined in this project by his wife Darlene and several of his teammates. However, an unscrupulous CIA agent began blackmailing him with threats of getting him banned from football. Although he cooperated at first, running several missions for the CIA, he eventually resisted and was blacklisted.

After the destruction of Pittsburgh, he enlisted in the US Military and became known as "the All-American." He is given the rank of Captain and a costume reminiscent of Captain America without the mask, and placed in charge of one of the units of paranormals who were recruited during the paranormal draft. He takes part in the mission to South Africa that almost set off a paranormal and nuclear war.

Jack is among the New Universe superheroes who fights with Quasar in the Starblast series, where the "New Universe" Earth is brought into the main Marvel Universe. Jack is on his Earth when the Living Tribunal seals it off from the rest of that universe.

Other version[edit]


In newuniversal: shockfront #1, Giovanni "Jack" Magniconte's powers manifest for the first time during a televised game - he struck and killed opposing player Michael Hathaway with a single blow.[1] This immediately brought him to the attention of Project Spitfire, as well as the other existing superhumans. Spitfire's Philip L. Voight then attempted to kill Magniconte, detonating a suitcase bomb that destroyed the building Magniconte was being detained in.

The story is still ongoing; it is unclear whether or not Magniconte survived the explosion.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Jack Magniconte is a superb athlete, combatant, and martial artist. After being experimented on, Jack gained superhuman strength, durability, agility, reflexes, and speed. He can run up to 40 miles per hour (64 km/h) for as long as 10 minutes before beginning to tire, and he is bulletproof to indirect shots. Jack can also lift up to 1 ton and wears a bulletproof uniform and helmet. He is a skilled pilot and uses a variety of automatic weapons, preferably guns.


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