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The All-America City Award, given by the National Civic League, is the oldest community recognition program in the nation. The Award, bestowed yearly on 10 communities recognizes the work of communities in using inclusive civic engagement to address critical issues and create stronger connections among residents, businesses and nonprofit and government leaders. Once called the “Nobel Prize for constructive citizenship” – it has been awarded to more than 500 communities across the country. The Award is open to all American communities, from major cities, counties and regions to tribes, neighborhoods, towns and villages. In applying, communities reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, challenges and the progress they have made.

Each year hundreds of leaders, volunteers, and young people from the finalist communities travel to Denver to present the story of their work and their community to a jury of national experts. The awards conference includes workshops on promising practices.

Since the program's inception in 1949, more than 500 communities have been named All-America Cities.[1] Each year, interested communities submit a comprehensive package based on published criteria that are evaluated in the award selection process.[2] Deserving communities are named as finalists, and the year's ten award winners are named from that pool of applicants.[3]

2018 award[edit]

The 2018 All-America City Awards focus on inclusive engagement practices that promote equity and bring all voices to the table to help solve the country’s most pressing and complex issues. With this spotlight, National Civic League hopes to learn more about the inclusive decision-making processes that communities use to solve complex problems and move toward more equitable communities.

2018 All-America City applicants have focused on projects that:

The 2018 All-America City Awards coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (more commonly known as the Kerner Commission). The report, published in 1968, concluded with "It is time to make good the promises of American democracy to all citizens – urban and rural, white, black, Spanish surname, American Indians, and every minority group."[4]

2018 winners[edit]

Each of the following winning communities demonstrated civic engagement practices that are inspirational, inclusive and promising in their ability to unite members of the community to collectively and collaboratively help solve the country’s most pressing and complex issues.

Springdale, AR – Chosen for creating the Committee for Civic Engagement and Inclusion and initiating work on city-wide initiatives to incorporate people of color and new Americans into civic life, resulting in a revitalized downtown, active youth council and free food pantries for residents in need.

Stockton, CA – Stockton’s efforts to build a culture of engagement have resulted in community-based programs and systems that are healing decades of trauma for individuals and communities, empowering students who have been historically marginalized and providing new pathways to higher education.

Longmont, CO – Through recognizing the diversity of its population, and bringing more community members to the table, Longmont has been able to identify and address community needs creatively and cooperatively from mental health to disaster relief.

Decatur, GA – Continuing its commitment to civic engagement, Decatur is actively seeking to build an equitable and inclusive experience for its residents and visitors, focusing on racially-just community policing and building diverse and affordable housing.

Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas provides residents, stakeholders, staff and elected officials with a collective vision and plans for a future of income equality and economic mobility, building programs and services that remove barriers and address challenges faced by their most vulnerable youth.

Charlotte, NC – Following reports showing economic inequity in the city, and a police shooting in late 2016, the City of Charlotte engaged thousands of residents in one-on-one conversations and community meetings. This has resulted in partnerships that have built a more skilled workforce, reduced teen crime and invested in infrastructure in neighborhoods in need.

Kershaw County, SC – Kershaw County embraces the changing faces of its rapidly growing community, balancing its rural past and suburban future, with its business owners, residents and elected officials reflecting that diversity and building programs to ensure equity in healthcare, education and economic growth.

Mount Pleasant, SC – Mount Pleasant is employing a balance of outreach from city departments and officials and engagement with community members through partnerships, dialogue and forums, resulting in youth participation in the Reading Patrol Program and streamlined navigation through the planning process.

El Paso, TX – El Paso built upon the City’s 2015Strategic Plan to conduct a year-long community outreach process that reached more than 70,000 people and has led to an Advanced Leadership Training program for graduates of The Neighborhood Leadership Academy, partnerships to increase training and adult education, and creative implementation of the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program to serve more than 4,000 families.

San Antonio, TX – The Office of Equity, in partnership with the nonprofit, SA2020, applied data from an Equity Impact Assessment to seven high-impact City initiatives, seeing positive results in higher involvement from Latino residents, an increased number of residents enrolled in health insurance programs, reduced incidents of teen pregnancy and progress in adult education initiatives.


These finalists represent the diversity of American communities from the largest cities to the smallest towns, from east to west and north to south. Finalist communities include the 7th largest city in America (San Antonio) and a town of only 22,000 people (Decatur, GA). The 20 finalists share a common bond of working to create equitable communities through inclusive civic engagement.

Placentia, CA – Finalist because of the encouragement of active engagement across the community in meetings, discussions and task forces that have brought about revitalization, collaborative partnerships, and fiscal sustainability recommendations to guide the city decision makers.

Battle Creek, MI – Recognizing the power of existing residential groups, Battle Creek is engaging residents through a neighborhood ambassador program, building leadership capacity among its youth, and working with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to address historic and contemporary effects of racism and improve economic conditions.

Cincinnati, OH – Cincinnati’s formal commitment to civic engagement, seen in city staffing and the organization of community groups, has led to plans to assist vulnerable neighborhoods in going green, platforms for information sharing and engagement training and reduction of crime in targeted neighborhoods.

Beaverton, OR – Beaverton Organizing and Leadership Development (BOLD) is a unique and dedicated space for immigrants, refugees and other people of color to discover their common goals and struggles, build leadership capacity, gain community organizing and advocacy skills, and strengthen cross-cultural understanding.

Allentown, PA – Allentown is undertaking several redevelopment efforts and is engaging residents every step of the way. They partnered with outside agencies on developing the national training model on police relations with the LGBTQ community, published a guide in 12 different languages for all newcomers and provided critical job training to all residents in need.

Columbia, SC – The city government has been assessing and addressing its community needs, developing programs to serve minority and women-owned businesses, connect police officers with community members and revitalize areas affected by flooding and neglect.

Pasco, WA – Pasco has embraced its diversity by developing inclusionary practices that have changed their election process to enable broader representation, built training and problem solving tools to enhance police community relations and enlisted a resident committee to guide the Economic Strategic Vision. Project details.

Tacoma, WA – Faced with a history of community distrust, anger and grief, Tacoma has chosen to invest in equity both internally and externally. They have established the Office of Equity and Human Rights, developed a Handbook for Recruiting, Hiring & Retention and established programs to ensure on-going community input and engagement.

2017 winners[edit]

On June 16th, 2017 15 U.S. communities were honored with the 2017 All-America City Award for their civic engagement to help more young children from low-income families achieve grade-level proficiency and early school success.[5]

Community benefits[edit]

Benefits of winning the All-America City Award include:

  • Economic Stimulus: All-America City finalists and winners find it easier to attract and retain businesses that generate jobs and a stronger tax base. They also attract and retain residents who want a healthy community. Finalists and winners also have seen an increase in tourism and grants.
  • Community Pride: he award has reinvigorated communities with a new sense of pride, accomplishment and teamwork. People are proud to live in an All-America City and they work to live up to that label and to maintain such a high standard.
  • Community Collaboration: The application process itself encourages communities to evaluate themselves and fosters new partnerships. People often say they learned more about the great work taking place in their community because of the application process than they ever imagined.
  • National Recognition: Winning the All-America City Award raises the profile of local efforts and puts communities on a national stage. Winners join an elite network of communities that can proudly call themselves an All-America City. And once a community wins, it’s always an All-America City. We hear regularly about communities that still celebrate and take pride in winning even after 40 years or more.

Multiple winners[edit]

Communities winning this award more than two times are listed below.

Past winners[edit]

The following cities have received the All-America City Award from the National Civic League.[6][7][8]

Community State(s) Year Multiple Wins (or closely located municipalities sharing an award)
Springdale Arkansas 2018 Two-time winner
Stockton California 2018 Four-time winner
Longmont Colorado 2018 Two-time winner
Decatur Georgia 2018
Las Vegas Nevada 2018
Charlotte North Carolina 2018 Two-time winner
Kershaw County South Carolina 2018
Mount Pleasant South Carolina 2018 Two-time winner
El Paso Texas 2018 Three-time winner
San Antonio Texas 2018 Seven-time winner
Springdale Arkansas 2017 Two-time winner
Avondale Arizona 2017
Stockton California 2017 Four-time winner
New Britain Connecticut 2017 Two-time winner
Delray Beach Florida 2017 Three-time winner
Suncoast (Sarasota & Manatee Counties) Florida 2017
Council Bluffs Iowa 2017
Des Moines Iowa 2017 Six-time winner
Dubuque Iowa 2017 Four-time winner
Springfield Massachusetts 2017 Two-time winner
Kansas City Missouri 2017 Six-time winner
Montgomery County-Dayton Ohio 2017
Lane County Oregon 2017
San Antonio Texas 2017 Seven-time winner
Roanoke Virginia 2017
Asheboro North Carolina 2016
Brown Deer Wisconsin 2016
Columbia Heights Minnesota 2016
Fall River Massachusetts 2016 Two-time winner
Hartsville South Carolina 2016 Two-time winner
Hayward California 2016
Lakewood Colorado 2016 Two-time winner
New Britain Connecticut 2016 Two-time winner
Norfolk Virginia 2016 Three-time winner
San Antonio Texas 2016 Seven-time winner
Carson California 2015
Salinas California 2015
Stockton California 2015 Four-time winner
Tallahassee Florida 2015 Two-time winner
Somerville Massachusetts 2015 Three-time winner
Tupelo Mississippi 2015 Five-time winner
Geneva New York 2015
Marshall Texas 2015 Two-time winner
Spokane Washington 2015 Three-time winner
Yakima Washington 2015 Two-time winner
Brownsville Texas 2014 Two-time winner
Fort Lauderdale Florida 2014
Montgomery Alabama 2014
San Pablo California 2014 Two-time winner
Cedar Rapids Iowa 2014
Chelsea Massachusetts 2014 Two-time winner
Brush Colorado 2014
Independence Oregon 2014
Hampton Virginia 2014 Three-time winner
Eau Claire Wisconsin 2014
Birmingham Alabama 2013 Two-time winner
Downey California 2013
Montrose Colorado 2013
Peoria Illinois 2013 Four-time winner
Dubuque Iowa 2013 Four-time winner
Owensboro Kentucky 2013 Two-time winner
Dunn North Carolina 2013 Two-time winner
Garner North Carolina 2013
Thomasville North Carolina 2013
Norfolk Virginia 2013 Two-time winner
San Francisco California 2012
Tahoe/Truckee California 2012
Quad Cities Illinois 2012 (Not one municipality, but four collectively adjacent ones on the Mississippi in Illinois or Iowa)
Dubuque Iowa 2012 Four-time winner
Marshalltown Iowa 2012
Quad Cities Iowa 2012
Louisville Kentucky 2012
Baltimore Maryland 2012 Four-time winner
Pittsfield Massachusetts 2012
Springfield Massachusetts 2012 Two-time winner
Southern Pines North Carolina 2012
Providence Rhode Island 2012
San Antonio Texas 2012 Seven-time winner
Kenai Alaska 2011 Two-time winner
Dublin California 2011
Lakewood Colorado 2011
Belleville Illinois 2011
South Bend Indiana 2011 Two-time winner
Scott City Kansas 2011
Tupelo Mississippi 2011 Four-time winner
Fayetteville North Carolina 2011 Three-time winner
Eden North Carolina 2011
Fort Worth Texas 2011 Three-time winner
Chandler Arizona 2010
Lynwood California 2010 Two-time winner
Rancho Cordova California 2010
North Miami Florida 2010
Acworth Georgia 2010
Des Moines Iowa 2010 Six-time winner
Salisbury Maryland 2010
Gastonia North Carolina 2010 Three-time winner
Mount Pleasant South Carolina 2010 Two-time winner
El Paso Texas 2010 Three-time winner
Phoenix Arizona 2009 Five-time winner
Inglewood California 2009 Two-time winner
Fort Wayne Indiana 2009 Three-time winner
Richmond Indiana 2009 Two-time winner
Wichita Kansas 2009 Four-time winner
Somerville Massachusetts 2009 Two-time winner
Albany New York 2009 Two-time winner
Kinston North Carolina 2009 Two-time winner
Statesville North Carolina 2009 Two-time winner
Caroline County Virginia 2009
Goodyear Arizona 2008
Cerritos California 2008
Aurora Colorado 2008
New Haven Connecticut 2008 Four-time winner
Kissimmee-Osceola County Florida 2008
Gladstone Missouri 2008
St. Louis Region Missouri, Illinois 2008 Two-time winner
Lenoir North Carolina 2008
Reidsville North Carolina 2008
Akron Ohio 2008 Three-time winner
Flowing Wells Arizona 2007
Santa Rosa California 2007 Two-time winner
Sierra Madre California 2007
Hollywood Florida 2007
Polk County Florida 2007
Dubuque Iowa 2007 Four-time winner
Lewiston Maine 2007
Barnstable Massachusetts 2007
Clinton North Carolina 2007
Hickory North Carolina 2007 Three-time winner
Lincoln California 2006
Longmont Colorado 2006 Two-time winner
Sarasota County Florida 2006
Marietta Georgia 2006
Kansas City Missouri 2006 Four-time winner
Columbus Ohio 2006 Four-time winner
Maumee Ohio 2006
Richland County South Carolina 2006
DeSoto Texas 2006
Pharr Texas 2006
Seward Alaska 2005 Three-time winner
Canoga Park California 2005
Lauderhill Florida 2005
Pompano Beach Florida 2005
Port Huron Michigan 2005 Two-time winner
Willmar Minnesota 2005
Carrollton Missouri 2005
Georgetown County South Carolina 2005
Orangeburg County South Carolina 2005
Winchester Virginia 2005
Stockton California 2004 Four-time winner
Pembroke Pines Florida 2004
Evansville Indiana 2004
Montevideo Minnesota 2004
Concord North Carolina 2004
Springfield Ohio 2004
Cottage Grove Oregon 2004 Two-time winner
Hidalgo Texas 2004
Spokane Washington 2004 Two-time winner
Philippi West Virginia 2004
Tempe Arizona 2003 Two-time winner
New Haven Connecticut 2003 Three-time winner
Miami Beach Florida 2003
Des Moines Iowa 2003 Six-time winner
Marquette County Michigan 2003
Laurinburg North Carolina 2003 Three-time winner
Wilson North Carolina 2003 Two-time winner
South Sioux City Nebraska 2003
Corpus Christi Texas 2003
Greater Racine Area Wisconsin 2003
Tuscaloosa-Northport Alabama 2002
Anchorage Alaska 2002 Four-time winner
Fountain Colorado 2002
Elgin Illinois 2002 Two-time winner
Roswell New Mexico 2002 Two-time winner
Buffalo-Niagara Region New York 2002 Two-time winner
Huntington New York 2002
Weslaco Texas 2002
Hampton Virginia 2002 Three-time winner
Everett Washington 2002
Santa Clara California 2001
Delray Beach Florida 2001 Two-time winner
South Miami Florida 2001
Fort Dodge Iowa 2001
Howard County Maryland 2001
Ocean City Maryland 2001
Independence Missouri 2001 Three-time winner
Bozeman Montana 2001
Fayetteville North Carolina 2001 Two-time winner
Brownsville Texas 2001
Fresno California 2000 Two-time winner
Naugatuck River Valley Connecticut 2000 (Not a municipality, but a group of five or seven municipalities that formally co-operate in various activities
Worcester Massachusetts 2000 Five-time winner
Montgomery County Maryland 2000 Two-time winner
Clinton Missouri 2000
Gastonia North Carolina 2000 Two-time winner
Fargo/Moorhead North Dakota/Minnesota 2000 Two-time winner
Lancaster Pennsylvania 2000
Anderson County South Carolina 2000
Edinburg Texas 2000 Three-time winner
Stockton California 1999 Four-time winner
Union City California 1999
Tallahassee Florida 1999
Wichita Kansas 1999 Three-time winner
Shreveport Louisiana 1999 Three-time winner
Lowell Massachusetts 1999 Two-time winner
Tupelo Mississippi 1999 Three-time winner
Rocky Mount North Carolina 1999 Two-time winner
Tri-Cities Tennessee, Virginia 1999
Greater Green Bay Wisconsin 1999 Two-time winner
Riverside California 1998 Two-time winner
Santa Maria California 1998
New Haven Connecticut 1998 Two-time winner
DeKalb County Georgia 1998
Fort Wayne Indiana 1998 Two-time winner
Chelsea Massachusetts 1998 Two-time winner
Rochester New York 1998 Two-time winner
Saranac Lake Village New York 1998
Toledo Ohio 1998 Three-time winner
Tacoma Washington 1998 Three-time winner
Fremont California 1997
Hillside Neighborhood Colorado 1997
Aberdeen Maryland 1997
Saint Joseph Missouri 1997
Bronx County New York 1997
Asheville North Carolina 1997 Three-time winner
Statesville North Carolina 1997
Bismarck North Dakota 1997
Aiken South Carolina 1997
Texas City Texas 1997
Westminster California 1996
Quincy Florida 1996
Hays Kansas 1996
Greater New Orleans Louisiana 1996 Two-time winner
Holland Michigan 1996
Fosston Minnesota 1996
Greater Buffalo New York 1996
Hartsville South Carolina 1996
McAllen Texas 1996
Roanoke Virginia 1996 Five-time winner
Mobile Alabama 1995
Lindsay California 1995
Monrovia California 1995
Ocala Florida 1995
Lafayette Indiana 1995
Louisville Kentucky 1995 Two-time winner
Jemez Springs New Mexico 1995
Lumberton North Carolina 1995 Two-time winner
Akron Ohio 1995 Two-time winner
Edinburg Texas 1995 Two-time winner
Porterville California 1994
Columbus Indiana 1994
Alexandria Louisiana 1994
Kansas City Missouri 1994 Six-time winner
Taos New Mexico 1994
Mt. Airy North Carolina 1994
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1994 Four-time winner
Plano Texas 1994
Yakima Washington 1994
Powell Wyoming 1994
Oakland California 1993 Two-time winner
Wray Colorado 1993
Delray Beach Florida 1993
Wichita Kansas 1993 Two-time winner
Dawson County Nebraska 1993
Washington North Carolina 1993
Cleveland Ohio 1993 Five-time winner
Pulaski Tennessee 1993
Fort Worth Texas 1993 Two-time winner
Laredo Texas 1993
Kenai Alaska 1992
Little Rock Arkansas 1992
Delta Colorado 1992
Rockford Illinois 1992
Kansas-Wyandotte Kansas 1992
Billings Montana 1992
Jacksonville North Carolina 1992
Minot North Dakota 1992
Columbus Ohio 1992 Three-time winner
Harlingen Texas 1992
Gadsden Alabama 1991
Greencastle Indiana 1991
Baltimore Maryland 1991 Three-time winner
Gothenburg Nebraska 1991
Newark New Jersey 1991 Two-time winner
Albany New York 1991
Greensboro North Carolina 1991 Two-time winner
Dayton Ohio 1991 Three-time winner
Austin Texas 1991
Winchester-Frederick County Virginia 1991
Hattiesburg Mississippi 1991
Bakersfield California 1990
South Gate California 1990
Tampa Florida 1990
Coeur d'Alene Idaho 1990
Sioux City Iowa 1990 Two-time winner
Saint Paul Minnesota 1990 Three-time winner
Charlotte-Mecklenburg North Carolina 1990 Two-time winner
Hamlet North Carolina 1990
Harrisburg Pennsylvania 1990 Two-time winner
Abilene Texas 1990
Phoenix Arizona 1989 Four-time winner
Inglewood California 1989
Greeley Colorado 1989
Peoria Illinois 1989 Three-time winner
Salina Kansas 1989
New Bedford Massachusetts 1989
Tupelo Mississippi 1989 Two-time winner
Dunn North Carolina 1989
New Bern North Carolina 1989
Roanoke County Virginia 1989
St. George Island Alaska 1988
Paramount California 1988
Hutchinson Kansas 1988
Blackstone Valley Region Massachusetts 1988
Rochester Minnesota 1988
Meridian Mississippi 1988
Butte-Silver Bow Montana 1988
Kinston North Carolina 1988
Sweetwater Texas 1988
Roanoke Virginia 1988 Four-time winner
Pensacola Florida 1986-87
Richmond Indiana 1986-87
Hickory North Carolina 1986-87 Two-time winner
Columbus Ohio 1986-87 Two-time winner
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1986-87 Two-time winner
Prince George's County Maryland 1986-87
Olympia Washington 1986-87
Vancouver Washington 1986-87 Two-time winner
Normal Heights (San Diego) California 1985-86
Mililani Town Hawaii 1985-86
Highland Park Illinois 1985-86 Two-time winner
Jackson Michigan 1985-86
Brooklyn Center Minnesota 1985-86
Kansas City Missouri 1985-86 Six-time winner
Cleveland Ohio 1985-86 Four-time winner
Grants Pass Oregon 1985-86
Lynchburg Virginia 1985-86
Anchorage Alaska 1984-85 Three-time winner
Tempe Arizona 1984-85
Monterey Park California 1984-85
Quincy Illinois 1984-85 Two-time winner
Fayetteville North Carolina 1984-85
Albany Oregon 1984-85
Harrisburg Pennsylvania 1984-85
Alexandria Virginia 1984-85 Two-time winner
Johnson County Kansas 1983-84
Traverse City Michigan 1983-84
Saint Paul Minnesota 1983-84 Two-time winner
Urban Region New York, New Jersey, Connecticut 1983-84
Cleveland Ohio 1983-84 Three-time winner
Toledo Ohio 1983-84 Two-time winner
Ardmore Oklahoma 1983-84 Two-time winner
Tacoma Washington 1983-84 Two-time winner
Wausau Wisconsin 1983-84
Santa Ana California 1982-83
Santa Rosa California 1982-83
Fort Wayne Indiana 1982-83
Ames Iowa 1982-83
Ann Arbor Michigan 1982-83 Two-time winner
Durham North Carolina 1982-83
Salem Oregon 1982-83 Two-time winner
San Antonio Texas 1982-83 Seven-time winner
Valdez Alaska 1981-82 Two-time winner
Bloomington Indiana 1981-82 Two-time winner
Indianapolis Indiana 1981-82 Two-time winner
Des Moines Iowa 1981-82 Six-time winner
Independence Missouri 1981-82 Two-time winner
Grand Island Nebraska 1981-82 Three-time winner
Cleveland Ohio 1981-82 Two-time winner
Meyersdale Pennsylvania 1981-82
Blacksburg Virginia 1981-82
Roanoke Virginia 1981-82 Three-time winner
Kotzebue Alaska 1980-81
Sunnyvale California 1980-81
Colorado Springs Colorado 1980-81
Akron Ohio 1980-81
Worcester Massachusetts 1980-81 Four-time winner
Grand Rapids Michigan 1980-81 Three-time winner
Fergus Falls Minnesota 1980-81
Rochester New York 1980-81
Cincinnati Ohio 1980-81 Three-time winner
Wichita Falls Texas 1980-81
Phoenix Arizona 1979-80 Three-time winner
Gardena California 1979-80
Shreveport Louisiana 1979-80 Two-time winner
Rockingham North Carolina 1979-80
Portsmouth Ohio 1979-80
Seminole Oklahoma 1979-80
Portland Oregon 1979-80
Sherman Texas 1979-80
Bellingham Washington 1979-80
Sunnyside Washington 1979-80
Mesa Arizona 1978-79
Vincennes Indiana 1978-79
Rockville Maryland 1978-79 Four-time winner
Haverhill Massachusetts 1978-79
Southbridge Massachusetts 1978-79
Southfield Michigan 1978-79
Winona Minnesota 1978-79
Roswell New Mexico 1978-79
LaMoure North Dakota 1978-79
Charlottesville Virginia 1978-79
Roanoke Virginia 1978-79 Two-time winner
Anniston Alabama 1977-78
Ottumwa Iowa 1977-78
Lincoln Nebraska 1977-78
Dennis Massachusetts 1977-78
Duluth Minnesota 1977-78
Mankato Minnesota 1977-78
Ravenna Nebraska 1977-78
Cleveland Heights Ohio 1977-78 Two-time winner
Dayton Ohio 1977-78 Two-time winner
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 1977-78
Charleston South Carolina 1977-78
Madison Wisconsin 1977-78
San Bernardino California 1976-77
Park Forest Illinois 1976-77 Two-time winner
Anderson Indiana 1976-77
Des Moines Iowa 1976-77 Six-time winner
Baltimore Maryland 1976-77 Two-time winner
Rockville Maryland 1976-77 Three-time winner
Newton Massachusetts 1976-77
Union New Jersey 1976-77
Tarboro North Carolina 1976-77
Danville Virginia 1976-77
Montebello California 1975-76
San Pablo California 1975-76 Two-time winner
Toccoa Georgia 1975-76
Oak Park Illinois 1975-76
Frederick Maryland 1975-76
Harbor Springs Michigan 1975-76
Plainfield New Jersey 1975-76
Cleveland Heights Ohio 1975-76
Marshall Texas 1975-76
Portsmouth Virginia 1975-76
South El Monte California 1974-75
Fall River Massachusetts 1974-75
Gardner Massachusetts 1974-75
Pontiac Michigan 1974-75
Excelsior Springs Missouri 1974-75
Norfolk Nebraska 1974-75
Raleigh North Carolina 1974-75
Wooster Ohio 1974-75
Allentown Pennsylvania 1974-75 Two-time winner
Grand Prairie Texas 1974-75
Spokane Washington 1974-75
Spencer West Virginia 1974-75
La Habra California 1973
North Adams Massachusetts 1973
Albion Michigan 1973
St. Cloud Minnesota 1973
Macon Missouri 1973
Lexington Nebraska 1973
Jamestown New York 1973
Tulsa Oklahoma 1973
Lewistown Pennsylvania 1973
Port Arthur Texas 1973
Modesto California 1972 Two-time winner
Wilmington Delaware 1972
St. Petersburg Florida 1972
Somerville Massachusetts 1972
Poplar Bluff Missouri 1972
Verdigre Nebraska 1972
Wilson North Carolina 1972
Erie Pennsylvania 1972
Johnstown Pennsylvania 1972
Hampton Virginia 1972 Three-time winner
Chewelah Washington 1972
Placentia California 1971
Santa Fe Springs California 1971 Two-time winner
North Branford Connecticut 1971
Carbondale Illinois 1971
Lowell Massachusetts 1971
Twin Cities Minnesota 1971
Jamaica New York 1971
Chickasha Oklahoma 1971
Beloit Wisconsin 1971
Birmingham Alabama 1970 Two-time winner
Bloomfield Connecticut 1970
Enfield Connecticut 1970
Gainesville Florida 1970
Lakeland Florida 1970
Indianapolis Indiana 1970
Fitchburg Massachusetts 1970
Lumberton North Carolina 1970
Shelby North Carolina 1970
Ardmore Oklahoma 1970
Dallas Texas 1970
Springfield Illinois 1969
Kalamazoo Michigan 1969 Two-time winner
Maryville Missouri 1969
Asheville North Carolina 1969 Two-time winner
Rocky Mount North Carolina 1969
Eugene Oregon 1969
Rock Hill South Carolina 1969
Borger Texas 1969
Cuero Texas 1969
Martinsville Virginia 1969
Fairbanks Alaska 1968
San Diego California 1968 Two-time winner
Jacksonville Florida 1968
Savannah Georgia 1968 Two-time winner
New Albany Indiana 1968
Danville Kentucky 1968
Saginaw Michigan 1968
Charlotte North Carolina 1968 Two-time winner
Cottage Grove Oregon 1968
Edinburg Texas 1968
Snyder Texas 1968
Fresno California 1967
Wheaton Illinois 1967
South Bend Indiana 1967
Auburn Maine 1967
Royal Oak Michigan 1967
Tupelo Mississippi 1967
Cape Girardeau Missouri 1967
Grand Island Nebraska 1967 Two-time winner
Hickory North Carolina 1967
Laurinburg North Carolina 1967 Two-time winner
Leavenworth Washington 1967
Pinellas County Florida 1966
Peoria Illinois 1966 Two-time winner
Presque Isle Maine 1966
Malden Massachusetts 1966
Ann Arbor Michigan 1966
Detroit Michigan 1966
Cohoes New York 1966
Greensboro North Carolina 1966
Clearfield Pennsylvania 1966
Richmond Virginia 1966 Two-time winner
Seattle Washington 1966 Two-time winner
Anchorage Alaska 1965 Two-time winner
Seward Alaska 1965 Two-time winner
Valdez Alaska 1965
Michigan City Indiana 1965
Pikeville Kentucky 1965
Worcester Massachusetts 1965 Three-time winner
Flat River (now Park Hills) Missouri 1965
Ogallala Nebraska 1965
Trenton New Jersey 1965
Wilmington North Carolina 1965
Mount Vernon Ohio 1965
Florence South Carolina 1965
La Crosse Wisconsin 1965
Niles Illinois 1964
Hopkinsville Kentucky 1964
South Portland Maine 1964
White Bear Lake Minnesota 1964
Keene New Hampshire 1964
Winston-Salem North Carolina 1964 Two-time winner
Hazleton Pennsylvania 1964
Columbia South Carolina 1964 Two-time winner
Fort Worth Texas 1964
Sidney Ohio 1964 Two-time winner
Bluefield West Virginia 1964
Green Bay Wisconsin 1964
Seward Alaska 1963
Roseville California 1963
Woodstock Illinois 1963
Louisville Kentucky 1963
Minneapolis Minnesota 1963 Two-time winner
Woodbridge New Jersey 1963
Aztec New Mexico 1963
Gastonia North Carolina 1963
Sidney Ohio 1963
Oil City Pennsylvania 1963
Alexandria Virginia 1963
San Diego California 1962
Grand Junction Colorado 1962
Dade County (now Miami-Dade County) Florida 1962 Two-time winner
Quincy Illinois 1962
Boston Massachusetts 1962 Three-time winner
High Point North Carolina 1962
Bartlesville Oklahoma 1962
Allentown Pennsylvania 1962
Chattanooga Tennessee 1962
Knoxville Tennessee 1962
Grafton West Virginia 1962
Lynwood California 1961
Hartford Connecticut 1961 Two-time winner
Sioux City Iowa 1961
Wichita Kansas 1961
Rockville Maryland 1961 Two-time winner
Independence Missouri 1961
Salisbury North Carolina 1961
Milton-Freewater Oregon 1961
Galveston Texas 1961
Falls Church Virginia 1961
Anacortes Washington 1961
Marin County California 1960
San Jose California 1960
Decatur Illinois 1960
Worcester Massachusetts 1960 Two-time winner
Grand Rapids Michigan 1960 Two-time winner
Bloomington Minnesota 1960
Las Vegas New Mexico 1960
Salem Oregon 1960
East Providence Rhode Island 1960
Radford Virginia 1960
Richland Washington 1960
Santa Fe Springs California 1959
Vallejo California 1959
Lamar Colorado 1959
Alton Illinois 1959
East St. Louis Illinois 1959
De Soto Missouri 1959 Two-time winner
Winston-Salem North Carolina 1959
Fargo North Dakota 1959
San Juan Puerto Rico 1959
Norfolk Virginia 1959
Seattle Washington 1959
Hayden Arizona 1958
Phoenix Arizona 1958 Two-time winner
Leadville Colorado 1958
New Haven Connecticut 1958
Westport Connecticut 1958
Bloomington Indiana 1958
Granite City Illinois 1958
Highland Park Illinois 1958
Columbus Ohio 1958
Huntington West Virginia 1958
Sheridan Wyoming 1958
Ketchikan Alaska 1957
Dade County (now Miami-Dade County) Florida 1957
Galesburg Illinois 1957
Neosho Missouri 1957
Omaha Nebraska 1957
Albuquerque New Mexico 1957
Middletown Ohio 1957
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1957 Three-time winner
Yankton South Dakota 1957
Vancouver Washington 1957
Clarksburg West Virginia 1957
Anchorage Alaska 1956
Oakland California 1956
Torrance California 1956
Elgin Illinois 1956
Springfield Missouri 1956
St. Louis Missouri 1956
Laurinburg North Carolina 1956
Zanesville Ohio 1956
Altus Oklahoma 1956
Brattleboro Vermont 1956
Tacoma Washington 1956
Phenix City Alabama 1955
Riverside California 1955
Savannah Georgia 1955
Bloomington Illinois 1955
Joliet Illinois 1955
Port Huron Michigan 1955
Saint Paul Minnesota 1955
Grand Island Nebraska 1955
Cambridge Ohio 1955
Reading Pennsylvania 1955
Bellevue Washington 1955
Maricopa County Arizona 1954
Decatur Arkansas 1954
Modesto California 1954
Pueblo Colorado 1954
Chicago Illinois 1954
Rock Island Illinois 1954
Rockville Maryland 1954
Richfield Minnesota 1954
Mexico Missouri 1954
Newark New Jersey 1954
Warren Ohio 1954
Richmond California 1953
Daytona Beach Florida 1953
Park Forest Illinois 1953
Peoria Illinois 1953
Shreveport Louisiana 1953
Flint Michigan 1953
De Soto Missouri 1953
Canton Ohio 1953
Scranton Pennsylvania 1953
Petersburg Virginia 1953
Port Angeles Washington 1953
Compton California 1952
Miami Florida 1952
Brookfield Illinois 1952
Manhattan Kansas 1952
Owensboro Kentucky 1952
Baltimore Maryland 1952
Bemidji Minnesota 1952
Minneapolis Minnesota 1952
Newburgh New York 1952
Woonsocket Rhode Island 1952
Roanoke Virginia 1952
Atlanta Georgia 1951
Mount Vernon Illinois 1951
Boston Massachusetts 1951 Two-time winner
Kalamazoo Michigan 1951
Kansas City Missouri 1951 Six-time winner
Asheville-Buncombe County North Carolina 1951
Dayton Ohio 1951
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1951 Two-time winner
Pawtucket Rhode Island 1951
Columbia South Carolina 1951
San Antonio Texas 1951 Seven-time winner
Phoenix Arizona 1950
Hartford Connecticut 1950
New Orleans Louisiana 1950
Portland Maine 1950
Montgomery County Maryland 1950
Kansas City Missouri 1950 Six-time winner
Montclair New Jersey 1950
Cincinnati Ohio 1950 Two-time winner
Toledo Ohio 1950
Youngstown Ohio 1950
Richmond Virginia 1950
Des Moines Iowa 1949 Six-time winner
Boston Massachusetts 1949
Worcester Massachusetts 1949
Grand Rapids Michigan 1949
Bayonne New Jersey 1949
Poughkeepsie New York 1949
Cincinnati Ohio 1949
Cleveland Ohio 1949
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1949
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1949
San Antonio Texas 1949 Seven-time winner


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