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This is a list of All-American Girls Professional Baseball League players who posted the best fielding averages in the history of the circuit.

The career fielding records are based on players who appeared in a minimum of six seasons. The regular season fielding records are based on pitchers throwing in at least 20 games and position players appearing in at least 50 games.

Career records[edit]

Position Player   Record   Seasons
Pitcher Maxine Kline .972 1948-1954
Catcher Ruth Lessing .973 1944-1949
First base     Margaret Danhauser    
Dorothy Kamenshek
Betty Whiting
.982 1943-1950
    1943-1951, 1953    
  Second base   Sophie Kurys .957 1943-1952
Third base Fern Shollenberger .942 1946-1954
Shortstop Lavonne Paire .945 1944-1953
Outfield Doris Satterfield .971 1947-1954

Single season records[edit]

Position Player   Record     Season  
Pitcher Lillian Faralla
Maxine Kline
Jean Marlowe
Mary Reynolds
Elaine Roth
Nancy Warren
1.000 1951
Catcher Mary Rountree .986 1952
First base   Dorothy Kamenshek   .995 1949
  Second base   Sophie Kurys .973 1946
Third base Ernestine Petras .965 1952
Shortstop Alva Jo Fischer .972 1949
Outfield Betty Wagoner 1.000 1948


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