1948 All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship

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All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship 1948
Championship Details
All Ireland Champions
Winners Dublin (8th title)
Captain Sophie Brack
All-Ireland Runners-up
Runners-up Down
Peg Dooey
Matches played

The 1948 All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship was the high point of the 1948 season in Camogie. The championship was won by Dublin who defeated Down by a 23-point margin in the final.[1][2][3][4][5][6] It marked the return of Dublin to the roll of honour after an eight-year hiatus when it was separated from the rest of the camogie playing community, as the CIÉ club, which could call on the two greatest players of the era Kathleen Cody and Kathleen Mills, chose to affiliate to Central Council and their one-club selection won the All-Ireland championship.


Reigning champions Antrim were favourites to meet Dublin in the All Ireland final. Instead Down shocked Derry 4-5 to 1-0 at Kilclief.


The All-Ireland final between Dublin and Down was played on a Saturday for the first time.

Final stages[edit]

Oct 3
Down 1-4 – 1-1 Galway

Oct 10
Dublin 1-5 – 1-1 Tipperary

October 23
Home Final
Dublin 11-4 – 4-2 Down

October 23
Final Proper
Dublin 9-3 – 2-2 London
GK 1 Rita Manifold (CIÉ)
FB 2 Mamie O’Meara (CIÉ)
RWB 3 Catherine Bowler (CIÉ)
CB 4 May Fitzpatrick (CIÉ)
LWB 5 Carmel Nulty (CIÉ)
MF 6 Jean Hannon (CIÉ) (0-1)
MF 7 Kathleen Cody (CIÉ) (3-1)
MF 8 Kathleen Mills (CIÉ) (0-1)
RWF 9 Brenda Neville (CIÉ) (2-0)
CF 10 Joan Cosgrave (CIÉ) (3-0)
LWF 11 May Neville (CIÉ)
FF 12 Sophie Brack (CIÉ) (3-1)
GK 1 Bernie Kelly
FB 2 Anna Kerr
RWB 3 Rosaleen Denvir
CB 4 Peg Dooey (2-2)
LWB 5 Kathleen Mallon
MF 6 Jean McGrath
MF 7 Sheila Keary (1-0)
MF 8 Anna Hollywood
RWF 9 Una Kelly
CF 10 Mary Foy (1-0)
LWF 11 Betty Curran
FF 12 Angela Denvir


  • 50 minutes
  • Replay if scores level
  • Maximum of 3 substitutions

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