2001 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

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2001 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Championship details
Dates 6 May 2001 - 23 September 2001
Teams 32
All-Ireland Champions
Winning team Galway (9th win)
Captain Gary Fahey
Manager John O'Mahony
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing team Meath
Captain Trevor Giles
Manager Sean Boylan
Provincial Champions
Munster Kerry
Leinster Meath
Ulster Tyrone
Connacht Roscommon
Championship statistics
No. matches played 63
Goals total 122 (1.94 per game)
Points total 1490 (23.65 per game)
Top Scorer Colours of Galway.svg Pádraic Joyce (3-45)
Player of the Year Colours of Galway.svg Pádraic Joyce
Colours of Galway.svg Declan Meehan

The 2001 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship was the 115th staging of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, the Gaelic Athletic Association's premier inter-county Gaelic football tournament. The championship began on 6 May 2001 and ended on 23 September 2001.

The format of the championship saw the biggest change in over 100 years with the introduction of the All-Ireland qualifiers. This system saw teams who were defeated in the provincial championships enter a secondary championship and the chance to qualify for the All-Ireland series. The Leinster Championship abandoned its group stage and returned to a straight knockout system. London declined to field a team in the championship due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease.

Kerry entered the championship as the defending champions, however, they were defeated by Meath in the All-Ireland semi-final.[1]

On 23 September 2001, Galway won the championship following an 0-17 to 0-8 defeat of Meath in the All-Ireland final. This was their ninth All-Ireland title and their first in three championship seasons.

Galway's Pádraic Joyce was the championship's top scorer with 3-45. He was also named as the All-Stars Footballer of the Year, while Declan Meehan was chosen as the Texaco Footballer of the Year.


The provincial championships in Munster, Leinster, Ulster and Connacht ran as usual on a "knock-out" basis. These provincial games were then followed by the "Qualifier" system:

  • Round 1 of the qualifiers included all the counties that did not qualify for the Provincial Semi-Finals, except for New York. An open draw was made to give eight pairings.
  • Round 2 consisted of the eight defeated teams in the Provincial Semi-Finals playing against the eight winners from Round 1. A draw was made to determine the eight pairings.
  • Round 3 consisted of the 8 winners from Round 2 playing each other in an open draw format.
  • Round 4 consisted of each of the four teams defeated in the Provincial Finals shall playing against the four winners from Round 3. A draw was made to determine the four pairings.

In the All-Ireland Quarter-Finals, each of the four Provincial Champions played one of the four winners from Round 4. The All-Ireland Semi-Finals were determined on a provincial rota basis, initially determined by the Central Council. If a Provincial Championship winning team was defeated in its Quarter-Final, the team that defeats it took its place in the Semi-Final.


Connacht Senior Football Championship[edit]

Due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the UK, London took no part in the Connacht Senior Football Championship in 2001. The Connacht Council decided the cancel their home Quarter-final game against Mayo[2]

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
          Sligo 1-11  
          Mayo 1-12  
            Mayo 1-12
 New York 1-09        Roscommon 2-10
 Roscommon 3-13      Roscommon 2-12
 Leitrim 2-05      Galway 0-14    
 Galway 3-24  




Munster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
 Cork 3-16  
 Waterford 1-07      Cork 2-11  
          Clare 1-10  
            Cork 1-13
            Kerry 0-19
          Limerick 0-10
 Tipperary 1-04      Kerry 1-15    
 Kerry 3-17  




Ulster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
          Antrim 0-09  
          Derry 1-11  
            Derry 0-14  
            Tyrone 3-07  
          Armagh 1-09  
          Tyrone 1-14  
            Tyrone 1-13
            Cavan 1-11
          Down 2-10  
          Cavan 1-14  
            Cavan 0-13  
 Donegal 0-11        Monaghan 0-11  
 Fermanagh 1-09      Fermanagh 0-14       
          Monaghan 2-10       

Preliminary round




Leinster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Round 1 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
 Wexford 0-14  
 Laois 0-18      Laois 0-12  
          Offaly 1-13  
            Offaly 0-13  
 Longford 1-11        Dublin 1-12  
 Louth 1-09      Longford 1-13  
          Dublin 2-19  
            Dublin 0-14
 Carlow 0-09        Meath 2-11
 Wicklow 0-08      Carlow 0-11  
          Kildare 0-19  
            Kildare 1-11  
            Meath 1-16  
          Westmeath 1-14       
          Meath 2-12       

First round




All-Ireland qualifiers[edit]

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

All-Ireland series[edit]

The provincial champions and the winners of round 4 contested the quarter finals. The quarter final matches would be between a provincial champion and a round 4 winner.

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Kerry 2-12
Dublin 1-12
Kerry 0-05
Meath 2-14
Meath 2-10
Westmeath 0-11
Meath 0-08
Galway 0-17
Derry 1-09
Tyrone 0-07
Derry 1-11
Galway 1-14
Galway 0-14
Roscommon 1-05




Championship statistics[edit]


  • In the old championship system the would have been a Tyrone vs Roscommon All Ireland semi final of course.
  • The foot and mouth disease caused London to withdraw from the Championship.

Top scorers[edit]

Player County Tally Total Matches Average
Pádraic Joyce Galway 3-45 54 8 6.75
Ger Heavin Westmeath 2-32 38 8 4.75
Joe Fallon Westmeath 0-29 29 8 3.67
Dara Ó Cinnéide Kerry 1-24 27 6 4.5
Johnny Crowley Kerry 3-15 24 6 4
Trevor Giles Meath 1-21 24 7 3.41

Individual feats[edit]

Player County Tally Opposition
Pádraic Joyce Galway 3-03 Leitrim
Leigh O'Brien Wexford 0-11 Westmeath
Pádraic Joyce Galway 0-10 Meath
Dara Ó Cinnéide Kerry 0-09 Cork
Colin Corkery Cork 0-08 Kerry
Dessie Sloyan Sligo 0-08 Kildare