2006 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

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2006 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Championship details
Dates 7 May - 17 September 2006
Teams 33
All-Ireland Champions
Winning team Kerry (34th win)
Captain Declan O'Sullivan
Manager Jack O'Connor
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing team Mayo
Captain David Heaney
Manager Mickey Moran
Provincial Champions
Munster Cork
Leinster Dublin
Ulster Armagh
Connacht Mayo
Championship statistics
No. matches played 65
Goals total 102 (1.48 per game)
Points total 1486 (21.54 per game)
Top Scorer Conor Mortimer (1-35)
Player of the Year Kieran Donaghy

The 2006 Bank of Ireland All-Ireland Senior Football Championship began on Sunday 7 May 2006. The 2006 championship used the same "Qualifier" system that was used in 2005. Tyrone were the defending champions, but were knocked out relatively early in the competition by Laois. Kerry won their 34th Sam Maguire beating Mayo in a repeat of the 2004 final.


Since the introducation of the so-called "back-door" system a few years ago, a number of changes have taken place in the championship format. In 2006 the following system was used:

The provincial championships in Munster, Leinster, Ulster and Connacht ran as usual on a "knock-out" basis. These provincial games were then followed by the "Qualifier" system:

  • Round 1 of the qualifiers included all the counties (except New York) that did not qualify for the Provincial Semi-Finals. An open draw was held to give eight pairings.
  • Round 2 consisted of the eight defeated teams in the Provincial Semi-Finals playing against the eight winners from Round 1. A draw was held to determine the eight pairings.
  • Round 3 consisted of the eight winners from Round 2. Another open draw was held to determine the four pairings.
  • Round 4 consisted of each of the four teams defeated in the Provincial Finals playing against the four winners from Round 3. A draw was held to determine the four pairings.

The All-Ireland Quarter-Finals: Each of the four Provincial Champions played one of the four winners from Round 4. The All-Ireland Semi-Finals were on a Provincial rots basis, initially determined by the Central Council. If a Provincial Championship winning team was defeated in its Quarter-Final, the team that defeats it would take its place in the Semi-Final.


Munster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
Clare 0-08  
Limerick 2-05     Limerick 0-05  
        Cork 0-09  
          Cork 1-12
          Kerry 0-09
        Tipperary 1-05
Waterford 0-08     Kerry 0-17    
Kerry 0-16  

Kerry 0-16 - 0-08 Waterford
B Sheehan 0-6, Declan O'Sullivan 0-4, P Galvin, C Cooper 0-2 each, E Fitzmaurice, P O'Connor 0-1 each Report S Cunningham 0-3, M Aherne, G Power, G Hurney, J Ryan, W Hennessy 0-1 each
Referee: P. McGovern (Galway)

Limerick 2-05 - 0-08 Clare
J Galvin, M Crowley 1-0 each, S Buckley, J Murphy 0-2 each, J Cooke 0-1 Report David Russell, Denis Russell 0-2 each, M O'Dwyer, D Heddington, N Considine, G Quinlan 0-1 each
Referee: T. Quigley (Dublin)

Kerry 0-17 - 1-05 Tipperary
B Sheehan 0-7, K Donaghy 0-2, A O'Mahony, T O'Se, S Moynihan, Declan O'Sullivan, P Galvin, C Cooper, MF Russell, E Fitzmaurice 0-1 each Report D Browne 0-5, R Costigan 1-0
Referee: M. Daly (Mayo)

Limerick 0-05 - 0-09 Cork
O Keating, M Reidy 0-2 each, M Crowley 0-1 Report J Masters 0-8, K O'Sullivan 0-1
Referee: S. Doyle (Wexford)

Kerry 0-10 - 0-10 Cork
Report[permanent dead link]
Referee: J. McQuillan (Cavan)

Final Replay
Kerry 0-09 - 1-12 Cork
D O Se, B Sheehan 0-2 each, P Galvin, C Cooper, Darren O'Sullivan, S O'Sullivan, MF Russell 0-1 each Report J Masters 1-6, D O'Connor 0-2, S O'Brien, J Hayes, F Goold, K O'Sullivan 0-1 each
Referee: S. Doyle (Wexford)

Leinster Senior Football Championship[edit]

1st Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
Offaly 0-15  
Westmeath 0-11     Offaly 3-09  
        Kildare 0-15  
          Offaly 2-15  
Louth 0-10       Wexford 1-14  
Meath 1-15     Meath 1-13  
        Wexford 1-19  
          Offaly 0-09
Carlow 4-09       Dublin 1-15
Wicklow 0-12     Carlow 1-09  
        Laois 1-17  
          Laois 0-12  
          Dublin 3-17  
        Dublin 1-12      
        Longford 0-13      

1st Round
Westmeath 0-11 - 0-15 Offaly
PJ Ward 0-4, G Dolan, A Mangan 0-2 each, D Duffy, G Duffy, D Glennon 0-1 each Report C McManus, N McNamee 0-4 each, C Quinn, T Deehan 0-3 each, K Slattery 0-1,
Attendance: 37426
Referee: Paddy Russell (Tipperary)

1st Round
Meath 1-15 - 0-10 Louth

1st Round
Wicklow 0-12 - 4-09 Carlow
T Gill, J Daniels 0-3 each, P Cronin 0-2, J Stafford, L Glynn, W O'Gorman 0-1 each Report S Rea 1-2, B Carbery 1-1, T Walsh, A Kelly 1-0 each, P Hickey 0-3, M Carpenter 0-2, P Walsh 0-1
Referee: M. Collins (Cork)

Kildare 0-15 - 3-09 Offaly
J Doyle 0-6, T Fennin, P O'Neill, J Kavanagh 0-2 each, D Earley, K Brennan, K Ennis 0-1 each Report N McNamee 1-1, A McNamee, T Deehan 1-0 each, K Slattery 0-2, S Brady, C McManus, C Quinn, N Coughlan, J Reynolds, J Coughlan 0-1 each
Attendance: 32237
Referee: M. Hughes (Tyrone)

Wexford 1-19 - 1-13 Meath
M Forde 0-12, C Deeley 0-3, P Colfer 1-0, P Curtis, D Kinsella, L Murphy, J Hudson 0-1 each Report D Regan 0-5, A Moyles 1-0, J Sheridan, G Geraghty 0-2 each, N McKeigue, C King, P Byrne, B Farrell 0-1 each
Referee: V. Neary (Mayo)

Longford 0-13 - 1-12 Dublin
Referee: J. McQuillan (Cavan)

Laois 1-17 - 1-09 Carlow
R Munnelly, B McDonald 0-4 each, F Byron 1-0, D Brennan 0-3, P Lawlor, G Kavanagh 0-2 each, I Fitzgerald, C Conway 0-1 each Report S Rea 1-4, J Hayden, J Byrne, B Carbery, M Carpenter, P Hickey 0-1 each
Referee: J. Geaney (Cork)

Dublin 3-17 - 0-12 Laois
T Quinn 2-3, C Keaney 0-6, R Cosgrove 1-3, A Brogan 0-2, P Casey 0-1 Report B McDonald 0-4, R Munnelly 0-3, C Conway 0-2, D Brennan, B McCormack 0-1 each
Referee: B. Crowe (Cavan)

Offaly 2-15 - 1-14 Wexford
N McNamee 1-7, T Deehan 1-4, C McManus, J Reynolds 0-1 each Report M Forde 1-7, D Kinsella 0-2, R Barry, R Stafford, P Colfer, D Fogarty, PJ Banville 0-1 each
Attendance: 44081
Referee: J. White (Donegal)

Dublin 1-15 - 0-09 Offaly
T Quinn 0-7, J Sherlock 1-1, A Brogan 0-4, C Keaney 0-3 Report N McNamee 0-4, C McManus, T Deehan 0-2 each, A McNamee 0-1
Attendance: 81754
Referee: M. Duffy (Sligo)

Ulster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
        Antrim 0-09  
        Fermanagh 1-09  
          Fermanagh 1-08  
          Armagh 0-16  
        Monaghan 0-10  
        Armagh 1-13  
          Armagh 1-09
Cavan 0-11       Donegal 0-09
Down 1-13     Down 1-11  
        Donegal 1-12  
          Donegal 1-11  
          Derry 0-11  
        Tyrone 0-05      
        Derry 1-08      

Preliminary Round
Down 1-13 - 0-11 Cavan
M Walsh 0-5, B Coulter 1-0, D Hughes 0-3, D Gordon, E McCartan, A Rogers, R Murtagh, R Sexton 0-1 each Report S Johnston 0-6, L Reilly 0-2, G Pierson, D McCabe, P Brady 0-1 each
Referee: E. Murtagh (Longford)

Armagh 0-10 - 0-10 Monaghan
O McConville 0-5, S McDonnell 0-2, K McGeeney, M Mackin, R Clarke 0-1 each Report S Gollogly, P Finlay, R Woods 0-2 each, H McElroy, T Freeman, D Freeman, D Clerkin 0-1 each

Quarter-Final Replay
Armagh 1-13 - 0-10 Monaghan
O McConville 0-5, B Mallon 1-1, S McDonnell 0-3, R Clarke 0-2, P Duffy, P McKeever 0-1 each Report P Finlay 0-4, R Woods 0-3, T Freeman 0-2, D Clerkin 0-1
Referee: D. Fahy (Longford)

Fermanagh 1-09 - 0-09 Antrim
C O'Reilly 1-4, M Little 0-3, S Goan, S McDermott 0-1 each Report M Magill 0-4, P Cunningham 0-2, M McCann, K Niblock, K McGourty 0-1 each
Referee: M. Duffy (Sligo)

Tyrone 0-05 - 1-08 Derry
O Mulligan 0-2, D Harte, J McMahon, P Donnelly 0-1 each Report E Muldoon 1-3, P Bradley 0-3, J O'Kane, E Bradley 0-1 each
Referee: D. Coldrick (Meath)

Donegal 1-12 - 1-11 Down
Referee: G. O'Conamha (Galway)

Armagh 0-11 - 2-05 Fermanagh
S McDonnell, O McConville 0-3 each, R Clarke 0-2, A Kernan, C McKeever, P McKeever 0-1 each Report T Brewster 1-2, R Keenan 1-0, C O'Reilly 0-2, M Murphy 0-1
Referee: J. Bannon (Longford)

Semi-Final Replay
Armagh 0-16 - 1-08 Fermanagh
O McConville 0-4, P McKeever, R Clarke 0-3 each, S McDonnell 0-2, A Kernan, C McKeever, M Mackin 0-1 each Report C O'Reilly 1-1, M Little 0-3, T Brewster 0-2, E Maguire,J Sherry 0-1 each
Referee: P. Russell (Tipperary)

Donegal 1-13 - 0-11 Derry
M Doherty 1-4, R Kavanagh 0-5, K Lacey, C Bonner 0-2 each Report E Muldoon, P Bradley 0-4 each, J Diver 0-2, F McEldowney 0-1
Referee: M. Monahan (Kildare)

Armagh 1-09 - 0-09 Donegal
P McGrane 1-0, R Clarke 0-3, J McEntee, O McConville 0-2 each, S McDonnell, A Mallon 0-1 each Report A Sweeney 0-3, E McGee, B Dunnion, M Hegarty, R Kavanagh, C Dunne, C Kelly 0-1 each
Referee: M. Monahan (Kildare)

Connacht Senior Football Championship[edit]

Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
New York 0-09  
Roscommon 1-14     Roscommon 1-08  
Sligo 1-12     Galway 3-07  
Galway 0-19       Galway 1-08
          Mayo 0-12
        Leitrim 1-09
London 0-08     Mayo 1-10    
Mayo 1-18  

New York 0-09 - 1-14 Roscommon

Galway 0-19 - 1-12 Sligo

London 0-08 - 1-18 Mayo

Roscommon 1-08 - 3-07 Galway
G Heneghan 0-4, E Kenny 1-0, K Mannion 0-3, G Lohan 0-1 Report M Meehan 1-3, S Armstrong 1-1, Derek Savage 1-0, P Joyce 0-2, N Coleman 0-1
Referee: M. Deegan (Laois)

Leitrim 1-09 - 1-10 Mayo
C Carroll 1-0, M Foley 0-3, D McHugh, S Foley, C Regan, D Duignan, D Brennan, C Duignan 0-1 each Report C Mortimer 0-4, G Brady 1-0, K McDonald 0-3, A Moran, P Harte, A Kilcoyne 0-1 each

Mayo 0-12 - 1-08 Galway
C Mortimer 0-4, C McDonald, A Dillon 0-2 each, P Harte, BJ Padden, G Brady 0-1 each Report M Clancy 1-0, P Joyce 0-3, M Meehan 0-2, S Armstrong, C Bane, J Bergin 0-1 each
Referee: P. Russell (Tipperary)

All-Ireland qualifiers[edit]

Round 1[edit]

This Round included all the counties that did not qualify for their respective Provincial Semi-Finals. An Open Draw was held to give eight pairings, the winners progressed to Round 2 and the losers were eliminated from the 2006 All-Ireland Football Championship, but could continue in the All-Ireland competition, the Tommy Murphy Cup. Due to a controversial blood substitution by Offaly against Kildare, Kildare decided to appeal the match result and therefore Offaly's continuation in the Leinster Championship. Eventually it was clarified that Offaly hadn't broken the substitution rules, Kildare then faced Cavan in the first round of the qualifiers and subsequently defeated them.[1] Round one saw the exit of Antrim, Down, Waterford, London, Carlow, Louth, Cavan and Wicklow from the 2006 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. All-Ireland Football Champions Tyrone were forced to a replay against Louth but Tyrone came out as winners in the end.

Round 2[edit]

The eight winners of the first round qualifiers were paired with the eight losers in the All-Ireland Provincial Semi-Finals. Round 2 saw the exit of Kildare, Roscommon, Limerick, Tipperary, Clare, Monaghan, Leitrim and 2005 All-Ireland Champions Tyrone.

Round 3[edit]

Round three consisted of the eight winners from Round two. Another open draw was held with the eight winners to determine the four pairings. The teams taking part in the third round were: Laois, Wexford, Meath, Fermanagh, Sligo, Westmeath, Longford and Derry.

Round 4[edit]

Round 4 consisted of each of the four teams defeated in the Provincial Finals playing against the four winners from Round 3. Donegal were paired with their Ulster rivals Fermanagh, and Leinster finalists Offaly were paired with local rivals Laois. Kerry met surprise fourth round qualifiers Longford and Galway met Westmeath.

All-Ireland series[edit]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
Armagh 1-13
Kerry 3-15
Kerry 0-16
Cork 0-10
Cork 1-11
Donegal 1-10
Kerry 4-15
Mayo 3-05
Dublin 1-12
Westmeath 0-5
Dublin 2-12
Mayo 1-16
Mayo 0-14
Laois 0-11


Armagh 1-13 - 3-15 Kerry
S McDonnell 1-5, R Clarke, O McConville 0-3 each, A Kernan, J McEntee 0-1 each Report[permanent dead link] E Brosnan, K Donaghy, Darren O'Sullivan 1-0 each, C Cooper 0-3, MF Russell, M Ó Sé, B Sheehan, S O'Sullivan 0-2 each, Declan O'Sullivan, T Ó Sé, P Galvin 0-1 each
Referee: D. Coldrick (Meath)

Cork 1-11 - 1-10 Donegal
J Hayes 1-1, J Masters 0-3, G Spillane 0-2, P O'Neill, S O'Brien, F Gould, K McMahon, D O'Connor 0-1 each Report C Toye 1-0, M Doherty 0-3, L Thompson 0-2, B Monaghan, B Dunnion, C Bonner, R Kavanagh, C Kelly 0-1 each
Referee: T. Quigley (Dublin)

Dublin 1-12 - 0-05 Westmeath
T Quinn 1-2, A Brogan 0-4, C Keaney 0-2, S Ryan, R Cosgrove, J Sherlock 0-1 each Report M Ennis, J Connellan, D Glennon, D Dolan, J Smyth 0-1 each
Referee: B. Crowe (Cavan)

Mayo 0-15 - 0-15 Laois
C Mortimer 0-6, A Kilcoyne, A Dillon 0-2 each, D Heaney, BJ Padden, C McDonald, K O'Neill, A Moran 0-1 each Report C Conway 0-6, N Garvan, D Brennan 0-3 each, R Munnelly 0-2, B McDonald 0-1

Quarter-Final Replay
Mayo 0-14 - 0-11 Laois
C Mortimer 0-5, A Higgins, A Dillon 0-2 each, A Kilcoyne, R McGarrity, BJ Padden, G Brady, C McDonald 0-1 each Report R Munnelly 0-5, C Conway, B McDonald 0-2 each, P Clancy, D Brennan 0-1 each
Referee: J. McQuillan (Cavan)


Semi Final
Kerry 0-16 - 0-10 Cork
MF Russell 0-6, C Cooper 0-4, S O'Sullivan 0-2, K Donaghy, T Ó Sé, P Galvin, Declan O'Sullivan 0-1 each Report J Masters 0-5, D O'Connor 0-2, K O'Sullivan, S O'Brien, C McCarthy 0-1 each
Attendance: 58,703
Referee: J. Bannon (Longford)

Semi Final
Mayo 1-16 - 2-12 Dublin
C Mortimer 0-5, A Dillon 0-4, A Moran 1-0, G Brady, C McDonald, K O'Neill 0-2 each, A Higgins 0-1 Report C Keaney 1-3, A Brogan 0-4, J Sherlock 1-0, R Cosgrove, T Quinn 0-2 each, K Bonner 0-1
Attendance: 82,148


Kerry 4-15 - 3-05 Mayo
C Cooper, K Donaghy, D O'Sullivan 1-2 each, E Brosnan 1-1, M F Russell, A O'Mahony 0-2 each, S Moynihan, P Galvin, S O'Sullivan 0-1 each, Report K O'Neill 2-0, P Harte 1-0, C Mortimer 0-3, B J Padden, C McDonald 0-1 each
Attendance: 82,289
Referee: B. Crowe (Cavan)

All-Ireland Football Final[edit]

Green and Yellow Shirts/White shorts/Green Socks
4-15 - 3-5
(final score after 70 minutes)
Green and Red shirts/White shorts/Red socks
Manager: Jack O'Connor

Diarmuid Murphy (GK)
Marc Ó Sé
Michael McCarthy
Tom O'Sullivan
Tomás Ó Sé
Séamus Moynihan(0-1)
Aidan O'Mahony(0-2)
Darragh Ó Sé
Tommy Griffin
Seán O'Sullivan(0-01)
Declan O'Sullivan(1-02)(Capt.)
Paul Galvin(0-1)
Colm Cooper(1-02)
Kieran Donaghy(1-02)
Mike Frank Russell(0-02)

Eoin Brosnan(1-01)
Darren O’Sullivan
B Sheehan(0-1)
E Fitzmaurice
B Guiney

3-08 - 3-02

All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

15.30 BST
Sunday, September 17, 2006

Croke Park, Dublin


Brian Crowe

Match rules:
70 minutes.
Replay if scores still level.
Maximum of 5 substitutions.

Manager: Mickey Moran

David Clarke (GK)
Dermot Geraghty
David Heaney
Keith Higgins
Aidan Higgins
James Nallen
Peadar Gardiner
Ronan McGarrity
Pat Harte (1-00)
Billy Joe Padden (0-01)
Ger Brady
Alan Dillon
Kevin O'Neill (2-00)
Conor Mortimer (0-03)
Ciarán McDonald (0-01)

D. Brady
Trevor Mortimer
B. Moran
A Kilcoyne
A. Moran

Championship statistics[edit]


  • Galway vs Sligo delayed by 6 days due to bad weather.
  • Mayo vs London back after being cancelled due to Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001.
  • Wexford had their first championship win over Meath since 1981.
  • Armagh become the first county to win a triple of Ulster titles since Down (1959-1961).
  • Dublin vs Offaly Leinster final for the first time since 1983.
  • In the old system there would have been a Cork vs Armagh All Ireland semi-final.

Top scorers[edit]

Player County Scores Total
Conor Mortimer Mayo 1-35 38
James Masters Cork 1-30 33
Mattie Forde Wexford 1-25 28
Ross Munnelly Laois 2-22 28
Brian Kavanagh Longford 1-24 27
Paddy Bradley Derry 2-20 26
Bryan Sheehan Kerry 0-26 26
Conal Keaney Dublin 1-22 25
Tomás Quinn Dublin 3-14 23
Michael Meehan Galway 1-20 23