2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship

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2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship
Donegal beat Kildare in the 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship quarter-final.jpg
Championship details
Dates 1 May - 18 September 2011
Teams 33
All-Ireland Champions
Winning team Dublin (23rd win)
Captain Bryan Cullen
Manager Pat Gilroy
All-Ireland Finalists
Losing team Kerry
Captain Colm Cooper
Manager Jack O'Connor
Provincial Champions
Munster Kerry
Leinster Dublin
Ulster Donegal
Connacht Mayo
Championship statistics
No. matches played 61
Goals total 111 (1.82 per game)
Points total 1,528 (25.05 per game)
Top Scorer Colm Cooper (2-27)
Player of the Year Alan Brogan

The 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship was the 125th edition of the GAA's premier inter-county Gaelic football tournament, played between 31 counties of Ireland (excluding Kilkenny who only take part in the hurling championship), London and New York. The draw for the 2011 championship took place on 7 October 2010.[1] The 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final took place at Croke Park on 18 September 2011, with Dublin winning their 23rd title.[2][3]

Dublin and Donegal's All-Ireland semi-final in the 2011 championship was the lowest scoring in the era of 70-minute games (1975 onwards).[4]


Four knockout (single elimination format) provincial championships were played. Kilkenny did not contest the football championship. London and New York competed in Connacht. The four provincial champions advanced to the All-Ireland quarter-finals.

  • The sixteen teams eliminated before reaching a provincial semi-final competed in Round One of the Qualifiers (New York did not compete). The eight winners of Round One advanced to Round Two.
    • Qualifiers, Round Two: The eight teams eliminated in provincial semi-finals each played one of the eight winners of Round One.
    • Qualifiers, Round Three: The eight winners of Round Two played off to reduce the number to four.
    • Qualifiers, Round Four: The four teams eliminated in provincial finals each played one of the four winners of Round Three.
  • All-Ireland Quarter-Finals: The four provincial champions each played one of the four winners of Round Four.
  • The winners of the All-Ireland Quarter-Finals then advanced to the Semi-Finals, and the winners of the Semi-Finals went on to the 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final.

Fixtures and results[edit]

Munster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Munster final
 Tipperary 0-11  
 Kerry 2-16      Kerry 1-26  
          Limerick 3-9  
            Kerry 1-15
            Cork 1-12
          Waterford 2-8
 Clare 0-11      Cork 5-17    
 Cork 1-23  

3 July 2011
Kerry 1-15 - 1-12 Cork
Declan O'Sullivan 0-5, Darran O'Sullivan 1-0, C Cooper (1f) B Sheehan, K Donaghy 0-2 each, K O'Leary, D Walsh, E Brosnan, J O'Donoghue 0-1 each Report D Goulding 0-5 (3f), D O'Connor 1-1 (1-0 pen), P Kerrigan 0-3, C Sheehan, A O'Connor, P Kelly 0-1 each
FitzGerald Stadium, Killarney
Attendance: 40,892
Referee: D Coldrick (Meath)

Leinster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Leinster final
 Kildare 0-12  
 Wicklow 0-5      Kildare 0-16  
          Meath 0-10  
            Kildare 1-11  
 Laois 0-10        Dublin 1-12  
 Longford 0-9      Laois 0-11  
          Dublin 1-16  
            Wexford 1-12
 Wexford 2-16        Dublin 2-12
 Offaly 0-8      Wexford 1-24  
          Westmeath 0-15  
            Wexford 4-12  
            Carlow 0-10  
          Carlow 0-14       
          Louth 0-13       

10 July 2011
Wexford 1-12 - 2-12 Dublin
B Brosnan 0-9 (4f, 2 '45), R Barry 1-0, C Lyng 0-2, A Flynn 0-1 Report J McCarthy 1-0, A Brogan, B Brogan (1f) 0-3 each, S Cluxton (1'45), D Bastick, P Flynn, B Cullen, K McMenamin, R McConnell 0-1 each, G Molloy 1-0 (o.g.)
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 43,983[5]
Referee: J Mc Quillan (Cavan)

Connacht Senior Football Championship[edit]

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Connacht final
 New York 1-11  
 Roscommon 3-21      Roscommon 2-12  
 Sligo 0-10      Leitrim 0-6  
 Leitrim 1-10        Roscommon 0-11
            Mayo 0-13
          Galway 1-6
 London 2-10      Mayo 1-12    
 Mayo 0-19  

17 July 2011
Roscommon 0-11 - 0-13 Mayo
D Shine (0-4fs, 0-1 '45) 0-8, D Ward, S Kilbride, C Cregg 0-1 each Report C O'Connor (0-8f) 0-8, P Gardiner, K McLoughlin, A Moran, A Dillon, E Varley 0-1 each
Dr. Hyde Park, Roscommon
Attendance: 25,609
Referee: M Collins (Cork)

Ulster Senior Football Championship[edit]

Preliminary Round Quarter-finals Semi-finals Ulster final
          Derry 1-18  
          Fermanagh 1-10  
            Derry 3-14  
            Armagh 1-11  
          Armagh 1-15  
          Down 1-10  
            Derry 0-08
            Donegal 1-11
          Tyrone 1-13  
          Monaghan 1-11  
            Tyrone 0-9  
            Donegal 2-6  
          Cavan 1-8       
 Donegal 1-10      Donegal 2-14       
 Antrim 0-7  

17 July 2011
Derry 0-08 - 1-11 Donegal
J Kielt 0-04 (2f), C Kielt 0-02, C Gilligan (f), M Donaghy 0-01 each Report M Murphy 1-02 (1-00 pen), C McFadden 0-04 (2f), M Hegarty, A Thompson 0-02 each, R Bradley 0-01
St. Tiernach's Park, Clones
Attendance: 28,364
Referee: M Deegan (Laois)

All-Ireland qualifiers[edit]

Round 1[edit]

On 12 June 2011, the draw was made for the first round of the All Ireland Qualifiers. This draw contained all the teams who had been knocked out of their provincial competitions prior to the semi final stage, apart from New York.[6]

Round 2[edit]

On 26 June 2011, the draw for Round 2 took place in Castlebar. This consisted of the winners of round one and losers of provincial semi-finals. Home advantage was given to the team drawn first.[7]

Round 3[edit]

On 10 July 2011, the draw for Rounds 3 and 4 took place. Round 3 consisted of the 8 winners of round two playing each other to reduce the number to 4. Round 4 consisted of losers of provincial finals playing the winners of Round 3. For Round 3, home advantage was given to the team drawn first, while Round 4 would be played at neutral venues.[8]

Round 4[edit]

All-Ireland series[edit]

Donegal defeated Kildare in the 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship in Jim McGuinness's first season in charge.
Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
Kerry 1-20
Limerick 0-10
Kerry 1-20
Mayo 1-11
Mayo 1-13
Cork 2-06
Kerry 1-11
Dublin 1-12
Donegal 1-12
Kildare 0-14
Donegal 0-06
Dublin 0-08
Dublin 0-22
Tyrone 0-15


The draw for the All-Ireland quarter-finals took place on 24 July 2011, and consisted of the provincial winners playing against the winners of round 4 of the qualifiers.[9] Originally, all the matches were due to take place on the weekend of 30 July 2011, but due to a draw requiring a replay during the qualifiers, one match was scheduled for the following weekend. All matches were scheduled to be played in Croke Park, Dublin.

31 July
Kerry 1-20 - 0-10 Limerick
Darran O'Sullivan 1-3, Bryan Sheehan 0-6 (4f, 1 '45), C Cooper 0-3 (2f), T O Se, Declan O'Sullivan 0-2 each, K Young, A Maher, K Donaghy, J O'Donoghue 0-1 each Report S Kelly 0-4, I Ryan 0-2 (2f), J Riordan, G Collins, S O'Carroll, B Scanlon ('45) 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 22,732
Referee: P McEnaney (Monaghan)

31 July
Mayo 1-13 - 2-06 Cork
K McLoughlin 1-1, C O'Connor 0-6 (5f), E Varley (1f), K Higgins, A Dillon, A Moran, J Doherty, R Hennelly (1'45) 0-1 each Report D O'Connor 1-2 (1-0 pen, 0-1 '45), P Kerrigan 1-2, J Miskella, F Goold (1f) 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 22,732
Referee: R Hickey (Clare)

30 July
Donegal 1-12 - 0-14
C Toye 1-1, M Murphy 0-3 (1f), K Cassidy 0-2, K Lacey, R Kavanagh, M McHugh, R Bradley, P McBrearty, D Molloy 0-1 each Report E O'Flaherty 0-6 (4f), A Smith 0-2, E Bolton, P O'Neill, E Callaghan, J Kavanagh, G White (f), R Sweeney 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 39,612
Referee: D Coldrick (Meath)

6 August 2011
Dublin 0-22 - 0-15 Tyrone
D Connolly 0-7, B Brogan 0-5 (1f), A Brogan 0-3, P Flynn, S Cluxton (1f, 1 '45) 0-2 each, D Bastick, B Cullen, B Cahill 0-1 each Report S Cavanagh (3f), M Penrose (3f) 0-4 each, M Donnelly, Stephen O'Neill 0-2 each, B Dooher, E McGinley, P Harte (1f) 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 52,661
Referee: J Mc Quillan (Cavan)


21 August 2011
Mayo 1-11 - 1-20 Kerry
C O'Connor 1-3 (0-3f), D Vaughan 0-3, E Varley (1f), A Moran 0-2 each, L Keegan 0-1. Report C Cooper 1-7 (0-4f), B Sheehan 0-3 (3f), K O'Leary, K Donaghy, P Galvin 0-2 each, T O Se, Darran O'Sullivan, E Brosnan, S Scanlon 0-1 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 50,643
Referee: D Coldrick (Meath)

28 August 2011
Dublin 0-08 - 0-06 Donegal
B Brogan 0-04 (4f), S Cluxton 0-02 (1f, 1 '45), B Cullen, K McManamon 0-01 each Report C McFadden 0-4 (2f), K Cassidy, R Bradley 0-01 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 81,436
Referee: M Deegan (Laois)


18 September 2011
Kerry 1-11 - 1-12 Dublin
C Cooper 1-03 (2f), B Sheehan 0-04 (2f, 1 ‘45), K Donaghy 0-02, Declan O’Sullivan, P Galvin 0-01 each Report B Brogan 0-06 (4f), K McManaman 1-00, S Cluxton (2f), A Brogan 0-02 each, K Nolan, D Bastick 0-01 each
Croke Park, Dublin
Attendance: 82,300
Referee: J McQuillan (Cavan)

Championship statistics[edit]


  • Donegal won their 1st Ulster title since 1992.


  • First goal of the championship: Kevin Higgins for Roscommon against New York (Connacht Quarter Final)
  • Last goal of the championship: Kevin McManamon for Dublin against Kerry (All-Ireland Final)
  • Widest winning margin: 18 points
  • Most goals in a match: 7
  • Most points in a match: 39
  • Most goals by one team in a match: 5
  • Highest aggregate score: 47 points
  • Lowest aggregate score: 14 points
  • Most goals scored by a losing team: 3
  • Most points scored by a losing team: 17

Top scorers[edit]

Name Team Tally Total Games Average
1 Colm Cooper Kerry 2-27 33 6 5.5
2 Ben Brosnan Wexford 0-32 32 5 6.4
3 Bernard Brogan Dublin 0-29 29 6 4.8
4 John Doyle Kildare 2-21 27 6 4.5
5 Donncha O'Connor Cork 4-14 26 5 5.2
6 Ciarán Lyng Wexford 1-21 24 5 4.8
6 Cian Ward Meath 4-12 24 4 6
8 Daniel Goulding Cork 2-16 22 4 5.5
8 Martin Clarke Down 2-16 22 5 4.4
8 Donie Shine Roscommon 1-19 22 4 5.5
8 Sean Cavanagh Tyrone 2-16 22 6 3.66
Single game
Name Tally Total County Opposition
1 Cian Ward 4-3 15 Meath v Louth
2 Darren Clarke 1-8 11 Louth v Meath
3 Colm Cooper 1-07 10 Kerry v Mayo
3 Ciarán Lyng 0-10 10 Wexford v Westmeath
3 Ian Ryan 1-7 10 Limerick v Offaly
3 Donncha O'Connor 1-7 10 Cork v Down
3 Shane Roche 2-4 10 Wexford v Carlow
3 Seánie Furlong 2-4 10 Wicklow v Armagh
9 Sean McCormack 0-9 9 Longford v Cavan
9 Adrian Marren 0-9 9 Sligo v Wicklow
9 Ciarán Lyng 0-9 9 Wexford v Offaly


Month Player County
May Ben Brosnan Wexford
June Alan Brogan Dublin
July Karl Lacey Donegal
August Colm Cooper Kerry
September Darran O'Sullivan Kerry
All Stars Awards

The 2011 All Stars Awards nominations were announced on 3 October 2011.[10] On 21 October, the winners of the awards were announced at an event at the National Convention Centre in Dublin. Alan Brogan was named All Stars Footballer of the Year and Cillian O'Connor was named All Stars Young Footballer of the Year.[11]

Position Winners Other Nominees
Goalkeepers Stephen Cluxton (Dublin) Brendan Kealy (Kerry) Paul Durcan (Donegal)
Full-backs Michael Foley (Kildare) Cian O'Sullivan (Dublin) Frank McGlynn (Donegal)
Marc Ó Sé (Kerry) Rory O'Carroll (Dublin) Tom O'Sullivan (Kerry)
Neil McGee (Donegal) Joe McMahon (Tyrone) Hugh McGrillen (Kildare)
Half-backs Karl Lacey (Donegal) Donal Vaughan (Mayo) Trevor Mortimer (Mayo)
Kevin Nolan (Dublin) Emmet Bolton (Kildare) Tomás Ó Sé (Kerry)
Kevin Cassidy (Donegal) Killian Young (Kerry) Ger Brennan (Dublin)
Midfielders Bryan Sheehan (Kerry) Alan O'Connor (Cork) Seán Cavanagh (Tyrone)
Michael Darragh Macauley (Dublin) John Doyle (Kildare) Denis Bastick (Dublin)
Half-forwards Alan Brogan (Dublin) Ben Brosnan (Wexford) Declan O'Sullivan (Kerry)
Darran O'Sullivan (Kerry) Alan Dillon (Mayo) Kevin McManamon (Dublin)
Paul Flynn (Dublin) Paddy Kelly (Cork) Eamonn Callaghan (Kildare)
Full-forwards Bernard Brogan (Dublin) Donnacha O'Connor (Cork) Michael Murphy (Donegal)
Colm Cooper (Kerry) Colm McFadden (Donegal) Eoin Bradley (Derry)
Andy Moran (Mayo) Diarmuid Connolly (Dublin) Cillian O'Connor (Mayo)


Media coverage[edit]

Country/Countries or Continent Broadcaster(s)
Africa Setanta Africa
Australia Setanta Sports
Ireland RTÉ (including island of Ireland only web coverage on RTÉ website)
Setanta Sports 1 (Northern Ireland only, for matches broadcast to the Republic by TV3)
TV3 (Republic of Ireland only, including Republic of Ireland only web coverage on TV3 website)
BBC Northern Ireland
Great Britain Premier Sports
USA/Caribbean Premium Sports

This Is Our Year[edit]

Main article: This Is Our Year

This Is Our Year is a 2011 book by journalist Declan Bogue. The book examines the 2011 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship from the perspectives of ten Gaelic footballers from Ulster. The book achieved notoriety after Donegal footballer Kevin Cassidy was dropped from the team squad by manager Jim McGuinness over his contributions.[12][13][14] He released a statement in November 2011 saying it "appears my inter-county career is over".[15][16]

See also[edit]


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