All-Japan Judo Championships

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All-Japan Judo Championships
Current event or competition:
2020 All-Japan Judo Championships
Men's final in 2007 Satoshi Ishii (left) vs Keiji Suzuki (right)
Competition details
TypeJudo, annual
OrganiserAll Japan Judo Federation
First edition1930 in Nippon Budokan, Japan
Editions87 (2017)
Most winsYasuhiro Yamashita : 9 titles

The All-Japan judo championships (全日本柔道選手権大会, Zennihon jūdō senshuken taikai) is a judo tournament held every year in Japan. The men's tournament is held in Nippon Budokan on 29 April and the women's tournament (dubbed "Empress cup All-Japan women's Judo championships") is held in Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium in April. The Kodokan and All Japan Judo Federation sponsor the championship.

This tournament has only one open-weight division. Weight distinction is held as All-Japan Selected Judo Championships (全日本選抜柔道体重別選手権大会, Zennihon senbatsu jūdō taijūbetsu senshuken taikai) and Kodokan Cup (講道館杯, Kōdōkan hai) particularly.

For Japanese Judoka, this is one of the three major judo titles, along with the Olympic Games and World Championships. Since 2011 All Japan Judo Championship is fought with International rules.



Yoshihiko Yoshimatsu, achieved championship of the third own in 1955


Recent Winners[edit]


The participants of championship in 1954



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