All-New Wolverine

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All-New Wolverine
X-23 as Wolverine on a variant cover of All-New Wolverine #1
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Ongoing series
Genre Superhero
Publication date November 2015 – May 2018
Creative team
Written by Tom Taylor[1]
Artist(s) David López

All-New Wolverine is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in 2015 as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel relaunch.[2][3][4] The series is the first to star Logan's clone daughter Laura Kinney (formerly X-23) in the role as the Wolverine. The plot introduces Laura's clone sisters, the youngest of which, Gabby, end up becoming her companion during their adventures. The series has been well received.

Publication history[edit]

The character X-23 becomes the new Wolverine in the series, succeeding Logan,[5] with a new costume resembling the original Wolverine's.[6] The series is written by Tom Taylor with art by David López.[3][6][7]

The series began being reprinted in the UK in Panini's Wolverine and Deadpool title beginning in August 2016.

The issues have been collected in a number of graphic novels, issues #1-6 in The Four Sisters and issues #7-12 in Civil War II, and issues #13-17 in Enemy of the State II. Issue #25 of the series was the first issue of the MARVEL Legacy relaunch.


Laura tries to stop an assassination attempt in Paris and discovers the killer is a clone of her that is unable to feel pain.[8] Allchemax contact her and explain that a genetics laboratory has been destroyed by fire and that four clones are on the run. Robert Chandler Director of Genetics explains that the sisters have had advanced security training, but have not developed claws or a healing factor or a conscience like Laura, and they are out for revenge. She agrees to find them but only to protect the innocent. Returning to her apartment in the Bronx Laura finds the younger clone Gabby has come to ask for her help. Gabby has set a small fire in the bedroom and uses the distraction to leave. With some difficultly Laura is able to track Gabby and finds the others hiding out in the sewers. The white haired clone Bellonna shoots Laura before she has a chance to talk. When she awakens Laura realizes that somehow the Allchemax soldiers have also tracked them down. The sisters are out for revenge but Laura insists on no killing, and subdues all the soldiers non-lethally. Out of nowhere the sisters are all shot, and The Taskmaster appears.[9] Furious she battles Taskmaster and although he matches her moves she is able to severely maim him. She is surprised to find the sisters are not dead, thanks to the body armor they were wearing. Bellona wants to kill Taskmaster so he cannot follow them but Laura argues against killing, but Zelda shoots him in the kneecaps instead. They escape but again the Allchemax soldiers attack in an explosive car chase, and Laura realizes she has been implanted with a tracker and cuts it out. Laura battles the soldiers giving the sisters time to escape. Laura eventually finds the sisters again, but Zelda is dying because something Allchemax has done is slowly killing them. In need of help but unable to contact her friends because Allchemax is watching Laura turns to Doctor Strange for help.[10] Doctor Strange tries to help them but cannot do anything about the nanotechnology causing the problem. Bellona accidentally unleashes a mystical monster they must fight. Zelda's condition worsens so Strange transports them to Pym Laboratories.[11]


The series holds an average rating of 7.8 by 188 professional critics on review aggregation website Comic Book Roundup.[12][13][14][15]

Collected editions[edit]

# Title Material collected Pages Publication date ISBN
1 The Four Sisters All-New Wolverine #1-6 144 May 11, 2016 978-0785196525
2 Civil War II All-New Wolverine #7-12 October 19, 2016 978-0785196532
3 Enemy of the State II All-New Wolverine #13-18 136 May 3, 2017 978-1302902902
4 Immune All-New Wolverine #19-24 November 29, 2017 978-1302909352
5 Orphans of X All-New Wolverine #25-30 112 February 27, 2018 978-1302905613
6 Old Woman Laura All-New Wolverine #31-35 136 July 24, 2018 978-1302911102


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