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All-Star Miracle Home is a fund-raising program that provides individuals and corporations the chance to positively impact the lives of children within their community


Founded in 1993 in Phoenix, Arizona, the Home of Miracles, now known as the All-Star Miracle Home, is a nationally recognized home giveaway program sponsored by Meritage Homes Corporation. Because of its success in raising nearly $8 million for Arizona children’s charities, Children’s Miracle Network has endorsed the home giveaway nationally.


All-Star Miracle Home is a raffle event that features a new home as the grand prize. Meritage Homes provides a fully furnished and landscaped home for one winner to be drawn after nearly one year of promotion and ticket sales.

This year, 2006, marks the first year for the fundraiser outside of Arizona. Two home raffles are currently underway in Texas, one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and one in Houston, and the two-story homes donated exceed 4,000 square feet (370 m2) and are valued at approximately $500,000 each. Entries are priced at $100, and only 20,000 are available for each raffle.

The goal of All-Star Miracle Home is to raise $2 million from each home raffle with proceeds benefiting children’s charities. Proceeds from the Dallas-Fort Worth raffle will benefit Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth and the Dallas Mavericks Foundation. The Houston raffle will benefit Children’s Miracle Network of the Greater Houston area and the Clutch City Foundation.

Success of the All-Star Miracle Home is attributed to the team of sponsors and coordinators who create the event. Sponsors usually include Meritage’s vendors and partners, an NBA team, law firm, accounting firm, advertising and public relations firm, a newspaper, major local television station, landscape and pool company, furnishing retailer, printer, caterer and more.

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