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All My Movies
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Developer(s) Bolide Software
Initial release 2003
Stable release
8.1 / 2014
Written in Delphi 6
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English / Dutch / Finnish / French / German / Italian / Polish / Russian / Spanish and other
Type Home Hobby / Cataloging
License Commercial

All My Movies is a movie collection organizer software for establishing a personal database of media collections (Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc.) developed by Bolide Software.

Initially developed by Max Smirnoff (now Bolide Software CEO) for his personal usage, the program was published on Bolide Software web site as a shareware with the license price of $19.95. The price increased several times with each major version release and now it is $39.95 for the personal license.

As of October, 2014, All My Movies has almost 25,000 registered users worldwide.

All My Movies uses Amazon Web Services and a dozen of other APIs provided by the online movie databases for automatical movie details retrieval.

All My Movies supports almost any Barcode reader including the cheap CueCat for a fast movie lookup.

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