All Alone (Irving Berlin song)

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"All Alone"
Published 1924
Songwriter(s) Irving Berlin

"All Alone" is a popular waltz ballad composed by Irving Berlin in 1924. It was interpolated into the Broadway show The Music Box Revue of 1924 where it was sung by Grace Moore and Oscar Shaw. Moore sat at one end of the stage under a tightly focused spotlight, singing it into a telephone, while Oscar Shaw sat at the other, doing the same.[1]

There were many successful recordings of it in 1925 including those by Al Jolson, John McCormack, Paul Whiteman, Cliff Edwards, Abe Lyman, Ben Selvin and Lewis James.[2] The song became a standard and has been recorded many times and performed by Lucie Arnaz in the "Here's Lucy" episode "Mod, Mod Lucy" and Miss Piggy in an episode of "The Muppet Show".

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