All Alone in the Night

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"All Alone in the Night"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 11
Directed byMario Di Leo
Written byJ. Michael Straczynski
Production code211
Original air dateFebruary 15, 1995
Guest appearance(s)

Nick Corri (Lt. Ramirez)
Marshall Teague (Narn)
Robin Sachs (Hedronn)
John Vickery (Neroon)
Robert Foxworth (General William Hague)

Episode chronology
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"Acts of Sacrifice"
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"All Alone in the Night" is an episode from the second season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.


Babylon 5 learns of a mysterious ship that has been sighted in a nearby sector. Sheridan decides to go investigate himself since there is nothing pressing at the station outside of an informal visit from General Hague, but Ivanova asserts he take a support squad with him. Sheridan searches the sector but finds nothing, but as they are about to leave, a ship jumps in, heavily damages one Starfury, kills two others, and captures Sheridan when he ejects from his own before jumping out. The remaining pilot, suffering from radiation damage, sets his ship to autopilot and return to the station. By the time the Starfury makes it back, Hague has arrived on the Agamemnon. While the pilot did not survive, they know his ship was damaged, and Ivanova and Hague initiate search efforts with other aligned races that have witnessed the ship.

Sheridan wakes up on the alien ship, restrained on a table where robotic equipment probe him. Suddenly. the restraints loosen allowing Sheridan to free himself just as a Drazi attacks him with a sharpened bar. Sheridan defends himself, eventually impaling the Drazi on the bar. The Drazi's body disappears when a Narn with a blade appears in the room. Sheridan fights him off and knocks him unconscious, noticing he was wearing a mind-controlling device on his head. Sheridan removes the device, and when the Narn comes to, they agree to work together to leave. While waiting for an opportunity, Sheridan drifts to sleep and has a vision where his various friends on the station, as well as Ambassador Kosh, tell him "he has always been here".

Meanwhile, Delenn has been called to see the Grey Council, and while he is not required, Lennier insists on accompanying her. The Council informs Delenn that because she acted without permission of the Council to transform herself to half-human, she has been removed from the Council and replaced with a member from the warrior clan, giving the warrior clan an advantage. They stress that with war looming, more than ever the warrior clan must have say on the council. Further, they require Delenn to remain as Ambassador at Babylon 5, effectively preventing her from ever returning to Minbar. As Delenn prepares to return, she thanks Lennier for staying by her side and loyal.

When Delenn and Lennier return, they learn of Sheridan's disappearance, and she is able to tell Ivanova and Hague that Sheridan was taken by the Streib, which had troubled the Minbari before and taken their pilots too. With her help, a fleet led by the Agamemnon arrive at the Streib homeworld and attack the vessel's exterior defenses. Inside, Sheridan and the Narn use the opportunity to escape, finding an escape pod. In the midst of the attack, the Streib eject their remaining captives to space, and the human-led fleet destroy the ship. Amid the wreckage, they find the escape pod and bring Sheridan and the Narn back to Babylon 5. After being checked out in medlab, Sheridan prepares to return to duties, but finds Kosh waiting outside, repeating what he had heard in the vision.

Hague goes to meet Sheridan in his quarters, activating a scrambling device so their conversation cannot be overheard. Sheridan debriefs Hague that the command staff are good people and can be trusted. Hague reveals that some believe that the death of the previous Earth government President Santiago was an assassination orchestrated by the Psi Corps, but they have no evidence. While Hague will try to communicate anything he finds out, but needs Sheridan to be prepared to work alone from Babylon 5 should the situation change at Earth. Sheridan agrees. After Hague's departure, Sheridan brings Ivanova, Garibaldi, and Franklin, and relays what Hague has told him, and the three to help support him.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Delenn is removed as a member of the Grey Council and the warrior caste gains an extra voice on the council; the new division of 4 warrior, 3 worker, and 2 religious caste is an unprecedented deviation from the traditional 3-3-3 division.
  • First reference to the existence of three castes within Minbari society. Specifically, the worker caste is referenced for the first time; prior episodes had only mentioned the religious and warrior castes.
  • We learn that Sheridan was posted at Babylon 5 to secretly determine the loyalty of the command staff; he reports to General Hague that Ivanova, Dr. Franklin, and Security Chief Garibaldi are all loyal and trustworthy.
  • Sheridan and his command staff agree to secretly help General Hague uncover evidence proving that President Clark conspired to kill President Santiago.
  • Although he is not identified by name until his appearance in season 3, this episode marks the first appearance of Ta'Lon, a Narn who becomes a student of G'Kar and eventually an important figure in Babylon 5 (played by Marshall Teague).
  • Hague reinforces Sheridan's belief that the Psi Corps is running the clandestine operation on Earth
  • Kosh is aware of Sheridan's capture, and there is some sort of mental connection between the two.


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