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AAW Wrestling
StyleProfessional wrestling
HeadquartersBerwyn, Illinois
Founder(s)Patrick Chites
Owner(s)Danny Daniels
FormerlyAll American Wrestling
WebsiteOfficial website

AAW, also known as AAW Wrestling or AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined and formerly known as All American Wrestling, is an independent professional wrestling promotion originally based in Berwyn, Illinois, now based in Merrionette Park.[1]


The company was established in 2004 in Berwyn, Illinois. Events were largely held in the Berwyn Eagles Club until 2015, when a majority of shows began being held at 115 Bourbon St. in Merrionette Park, Illinois. Currently, events are held at the Logan Square Auditorium and 115 Burbon Street among others. AAW has also held events in Illinois in Carpentersville, Highwood, Milan, Palatine, Arlington Heights, and Pontiac, as well as in Iowa in Davenport and Donahue.

AAW originally stood for All American Wrestling but has been simply recognized as AAW since the start of 2007. Tony Scarpone owned and ran AAW from its start in 2004 through May 2005, when Danny Daniels and Jim Lynam began running the company. Daniels and Lynam then purchased AAW in December 2005.

On September 10, 2005, AAW held the show entitled ReDefined at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois. Champions at the time, Heavyweight Champion-Robert Anthony (Egotistical Fantastico, Cruiserweight Champion-Dan Lawrence.[2]

In the first match, Jerry Lynn defeated Bailey Mannix, Jason Dukes (with Lucas), Jayson Reign, Silas Young and Zero (Jay Ryan) with Brandy Glaze in a six-way mayhem match. Mannix and Zero were a tag team the show before and worked like one. Jerry Lynn beats Zero with a cradle pile driver.

Mike Venon the #1 contender for the title gets ambushed in the back by Jim Jesus (Lynam). He is left bloody in the back and will not wrestle the champion Robert Anthony (Egotistical Fantastico)

Next up is Trik Davis with Dave Prazak vs Gary Havok with Rick Wiles. In more of a comedy match, with Trik Davis winning with a roll-up and his feet on the second rope.

Brandon Tomaselli (Pauly Tomaselli) and Josh Abercrobie (Raymond) vs Marek Brave and Tyler Black (Seth Rollins). Brave pins Abercrombie with a suplex into a small package.

Jim Jesus (Lynam) comes up next to talk in the ring. Brad Bradley (Jay Bradley) with Jim Jesus vs Chase Richards. It starts out with Lynam throwing out an open challenge. Ash Sanchez and Roach answer the challenge and each takes a lariat and get pinned. Cameron Cage then comes up next, lands a few punches and then take a lariat for the pin. Finally, Chase Richards comes out. During the match, Zero comes back out to distract Richards. Then Bradley hits a lariat for the 1-2-3. After the match Zero attacks Richards and beats him with his cowboy boot. Zero was the former tag partner of Richards.

Brave and Black get interviewed next, Eric Priest interrupts the interview with Derek St. Holmes and Weston Benton attacking Brave and Black. Priest calls out Shane Douglas in the interview.

Machine (Michael Prater) vs Botch, former tag partners (Gravediggers)(brothers). Machine wins when Botch is handed a chair and uses it after Machine got distracted when Botch was done and just couldn't finish him off.

Danny Daniels is next with a taped promo (Danny Daniels Den). The cruiserweight champion Dan Lawrence is on with him. Looking for payback against Bryce Benjamin. They are having a County Wipping Match. In the video, Daniels is giving Lawrence a hard time. The video ends with Lawrence slapping Daniels.

Safari Stu (Stu Early) and Tristan Hayze vs Derek St. Holmes and Weston Benton. #1 contenders match for the AAW Tag Team Championships. During the match, Black and Brave come out to distract St.Holmes/Benton. Double sunset flips for the pin and Safari Stu/Hayes win the match.

The Cruiserweight Champion is next. Bryce Benton with Jason Dukes and Lucas vs Dan Lawrence (C). This is a county wipping match (wips legal). Dukes and Lucas interfere a lot in the match. Lawrence wins with a Benjamin drive, hitting Benton in two turn buckles while he is over his back.

Eric Priest vs Chris Styles. During the match St. Holmes/Benton and Brave/Black interfere. Styles hits a flat liner for a 5 count but the ref was dealing the interference. Tony Scarpone then comes in a mistakingly hits Styles with a bat and Priest pinned Styles for the win. After the match, Scarpone grabs a mic and challenges, Oct 1, Priest/St.Holmes/Benton vs Black/Brave/Scarpone.

The main event for the Heavyweight Championship, Robert Anthony (Egotistical Fantastico) (C) with Jim Jesus (Lynam), Lynam grabs the mic and talks, Jerry Lynn takes the challenge because he won the 6 man match. During the match, Lynam gets involved. Brad Bradley comes in and hits a lariat, Ego sunset flip for the pin to retain. After the match, Mike Venom hits the ring and goes after Bradley. Venom then chases Ego back to the ring and Lynn hits Ego with the cradle piledriver to end the show.


Complete championship histories are available by clicking the links in the Championship column in the table below.

Championship Current champion(s) Held since Days Previous champion(s)
AAW Heavyweight Championship Mance Warner December 28, 2019 273 Josh Alexander
AAW Heritage Championship Hakim Zane December 28, 2019 273 Paco
AAW Tag Team Championship Besties in the World
(Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett)
August 29, 2019 394 LAX
(Ortiz and Santana)
AAW Women's Championship Kris Statlander December 28, 2019 273 Jessicka Havok


Male wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Real name Notes
Ace Romero[3] Justin Romero
AR Fox[4] Thomas James Ballester
Connor Braxton[5] Unknown
Curt Stallion[6] Unknown
Davey Vega[7] Unknown AAW Tag Team Champion
David Starr[8] Max Barsky
Dezmond Xavier[9] Deveon Everhart
Hakim Zane Unknown AAW Heritage Champion
Jake Crist[10] John Crist[11]
Jake Something[12] Jacob Doyle
Jimmy Jacobs[13] Christopher Scoville
Josh Alexander Joshua Lemay
Mance Warner Unknown AAW Heavyweight Champion
Mat Fitchett[14] Unknown AAW Tag Team Champion
Mike Hartenbower[15] Unknown
Myron Reed[16] Unknown
PACO[17] Julian Gonzalez[18]
Rich Swann[19] Richard Swann
Sami Callihan[20] Sam Johnston
Stephen Wolf[21] Unknown
Trey Miguel[22] Trey McBrayer
Zachary Wentz[23] Zachary Green
Karam Karam Alame

Female wrestlers[edit]

Ring name Real name Notes
Jessicka Havok[24] Jessica Cricks
Kimber Lee[25] Kimberly Frankele
Kris Statlander Kristen Stadtlander AAW Women's Champion
Kylie Rae[26] Brianna Rae Sparrey[27]
Su Yung[28] Vannarah Riggs

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