All Cheerleaders Die (2001 film)

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All Cheerleaders Die
Directed by Lucky McKee
Chris Sivertson
Produced by Lucky McKee
Written by Lucky McKee
Chris Sivertson
Starring Julia Carpenter
Jesse Hlubik
Music by David DiIorio
Release date
  • January 27, 2001 (2001-01-27)
Running time
80 minutes
Country United States
Language English

All Cheerleaders Die is a 2001 American low-budget horror film that was written and directed by Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson.[1] The film was released on January 27, 2001, and was later remade into a 2013 film by the same name. It stars Chris Heinrich, who would serve as director of photography in the remake.[2]

Of the film, the directors stated that they chose to eventually re-make it because they wanted a "fresh start",[2] as they had shot the 2001 video immediately after graduating from college.[3]


A group of high school football players get into an argument with their cheerleader girlfriends over the difficulty of their respective sports. The cheerleaders insist that it's difficult to form a human pyramid while the players insist that their boot camp is more strenuous. As a result, the players decide to set up a camping weekend with the idea of putting the girls through football training. This turns out to be a bad idea, as one of the cheerleaders ends up beating one of the footballers in a scrimmage game, who then ends up severely beating her. The girls try to escape, only to fall off a cliff and die. Panicked, the players assume that the girls are either dead or dying, and run off in the hopes that nobody will discover what has happened. Unbeknownst to them, one of the girls has survived and later returns at a high school reunion to seek revenge. She summons the zombified remains of her dead friends and one by one, picks off the football players.



Joe Bob Briggs gave the film two stars and summed it up as "Return of the Living Dead meets Cheerleader Camp meets Stoner.[4]


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