All Funked Up

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All Funked Up
All Funked Up.jpeg
Studio album by Snafu
Released 1975
Recorded The Manor Studio, Oxfordshire
Genre Rhythm and Blues / rock
Label Capitol: E-ST 11473
Producer Bob Potter, Snafu
Snafu chronology
Situation Normal
(1974)Situation Normal1974
All Funked Up
Audio sample
"Don't Keep Me Wondering"
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"Dancing Feet"
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All Funked Up is the "highly elusive on vinyl" third album released by British rock/R&B band Snafu, on the Capitol label in 1975. The band featured keyboardist Brian Chatton, once with the Warriors of Jon Anderson, Flaming Youth with Phil Collins, and finally Jackson Heights with ex-the Nice Lee Jackson.

Track listing

Side 1:

  1. "Don't Keep Me Wondering" (Gregg Allman)
  2. "Bloodhound" (Micky Moody, Fuller)
  3. "Lock and Key" (Bobby Harrison, Micky Moody, Peter Solley)
  4. "Hard to Handle" (Otis Redding, Allen Jones, Al Bell)
  5. "Every Little Bit Hurts" (Ed Cobb)

Side 2:

  1. "Turn Around" (Brian Chatton)
  2. "Deep Water" (Micky Moody, Fuller)
  3. "Keep On Running" (Stevie Wonder)
  4. 'Bar Room Tan" (Micky Moody, Fuller)
  5. "Dancing Feet" (Bobby Harrison, Brian Chatton)

Re-released as Angel Air CD SJPCD032


Other personnel

  • Bob Potter - producer, engineer
  • Ian Vincentini - sleeve concept
  • Philip Pace - front photography
  • Mixed at Island Studios, London, Summer 1975.

External links

Video on YouTube "Lock and Key" on Supersonic, 12 June 1975.