All Gods Children (book)

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All Gods Children
All Gods Children book cover.jpg
Book Cover, 1979 ed.
Author Carroll Stoner, Jo Anne Parke
Country United States
Language English
Subject Cults
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher Chilton Book Co
Publication date
May 1977
Pages 324
ISBN 0-8019-6620-5

All Gods Children: The Cult Experience - Salvation Or Slavery? is a non-fiction book on cults, by Carroll Stoner and Jo Anne Parke. The book was published in May 1977 in hardcover, and again in 1979 in paperback by Penguin Books.


White's Collection Management in School Library Media Centers described the book as a critical and sensitive analysis on the effects cults can have on their converts and family members.[1] Bob Larson's Larson's Book of World Religions and Alternative Spirituality[2] states that the work describes some of the newer cults, explains their teachings, and why they may be dangerous for younger new members. McConnell's Stepping Over described the work as an insightful seminal study, which could have been written specifically with regard to Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple.[3]


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