All Growz Up with Melinda Hill

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All Growz Up with Melinda Hill
Melinda Hill and Maria Bamford behind the scenes of All Growz Up with Melinda Hill.jpg
Host Melinda Hill and guest Maria Bamford posing and smiling in front of a brick wall on the set of All Growz Up with Melinda Hill
Created by Melinda Hill
Directed by Adam Scott Franklin
Starring Melinda Hill
Country of origin Flag of the United States.svg United States
No. of episodes 20[1]
Producer(s) Melinda Hill
Adam Scott Franklin
Jason Cilo
Running time 3 minutes
Original channel YouTube
Original release September 18, 2013
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All Growz Up is a 2013 web series created by Melinda Hill and directed by Adam Scott Franklin. In each episode, Hill interviews a comedian about his or her childhood aspirations and solicits advice for young comedians.[2]

The first webisode features Andy Dick.[3] Other interview subjects include Maria Bamford, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jon Dore, Kyle Kinane,[1] and Karen Kilgariff.[4]

According to critics, Hill "burrows down to the core" of and elicits "solid advice" from its guest comedians [5] with "weird, offbeat, dry humor".[6] Critics have described All Growz Up as "gritty," "hysterical"[4] and "unconventional"[7] and compared it to the work of Woody Allen and Judd Apatow.[8]

The series is based on Eat My Podcast, Hill's earlier collaboration with Jillian Lauren - Hill describes the move to short-form video content as "a practical progression to a post podcast era."[9]

All Growz Up is filmed in single takes[9] in a Los Angeles alley[6] after performances of Hill's live comedy show What's Up Tiger Lily?.[4][9] It is produced by New York's Meetinghouse Productions, a New York television production company.[3][10]


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