All Men Are Brothers (TV series)

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All Men Are Brothers
All Men Are Brothers intertitle.jpg
All Men Are Brothers intertitle
Also known as The Water Margin,
Shui Hu Zhuan
Genre Costume drama, martial arts
Written by Shi Nai'an (original story)
Wen Haojie
Zhao Shuai
Zhang Qiyin
Gong Shangjuan
Wu Tong
Chang Qingtian
Zhang Duo
Sun Pingyang
Cheng Simin
Lu Ran
Zeng Lu
Chen Guoxuan
Liao Chunshan
Li Li
Yang Yue
Directed by Kuk Kwok-leung
Zou Jicheng
Presented by Zhang Lijun
Han Guoqiang
Wang Dafang
Guo Li
Yu Dong
Cheng Lidong
Yang Zi
Fu Yiwei
Starring Zhang Hanyu
Calvin Li
Hu Dong
Huang Haibing
Chen Long
Jing Gangshan
Zhao Hu
Yan Kuan
Ady An
Opening theme Xiongdi Wushu (兄弟无数) performed by Jing Gangshan
Ending theme Sihai Mengyue (四海盟约) performed by Mao Amin
Composer(s) Zhou Zhiyong
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
Cantonese (Hong Kong)
No. of episodes 86
Executive producer(s) Zou Saiguang
Cheng Lidong
Zhang Suzhou
Producer(s) Ning Caishen
He Ling
Zhao Hongmei
Wan Zihong
Sheng Luosong
Wu Guoqing
Location(s) China
Editor(s) Chang Yang
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) 1. Beijing Yangguang Sheng Tong Culture Art
2. Bona Film Group
3. Beijing Da You Xinyi Film Company
4. Beijing Ruyi Jixiang Film Company
5. VODone
6. Shandong TV
7. Tianjin Film Production
8. Shanghai Media Group
9. Chongqing Broadcasting Group
10. Anhui TV
11. Heilongjiang TV
12. Tianjin TV
13. Sichuan TV
14. Guangdong TV
15. Fujian TV
16. Jilin TV
17. Yunnan TV
18. Zhejiang TV
19. Beijing TV
20. Jiangsu TV
Original network HD Jade (Hong Kong)
First shown in 4 May 2011
All Men Are Brothers
The Water Margin (2011 TV series).jpg
DVD cover art
Traditional Chinese 水滸傳
Simplified Chinese 水浒传

All Men Are Brothers is a Chinese television series adapted from Shi Nai'an's Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. The series is directed by Kuk Kwok-leung and features cast members from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The series was first broadcast on HD Jade in May 2011 in Hong Kong.

List of episodes[edit]

# Rough translation of title (in English) Original title (in Chinese)
1 Marshal Hong accidentally releases the demons 洪太尉误走妖魔
2 The Seven Stars gather in Shijie Village 石碣村七星聚义
3 "Nine Tattooed Dragons" Secretly Leaves Dongjing 九纹龙私走东京城
4 Major Lu helps Jin Cuilian 鲁提辖义助金翠莲
5 Beating up "Lord of the West" 拳打镇关西
6 Lu Da becomes a monk in Wenshu Monastery 鲁达剃度文殊寺
7 "Panther Head" enters the White Tiger Hall by mistake 豹子头误入白虎堂
8 Uprooting a willow tree 倒拔垂杨柳
9 Chaos in Wild Boars Forest 大闹野猪林
10 Lin Chong defeats Instructor Hong 林冲棒打洪教头
11 Lu Zhishen burns Waquan Monastery 智深火烧瓦罐寺
12 Instructor Lin encounters snow and wind at the Temple of the Mountain Deity 林教头风雪山神庙
13 Forced to go to Liangshan 逼上梁山
14 Yang Zhi sells his saber 杨志卖刀
15 Robbing the convoy of birthday gifts 智取生辰纲
16 Song Gongming secretly releases Heavenly King Chao 宋公明私放晁天王
17 Killing Wang Lun 火并王伦
18 Song Jiang marries Yan Xijiao 宋江收娶阎惜娇
19 Zhang Wenyuan's romance in Wulong Manor 张文远情陷乌龙院
20 Killing Yan Xijiao 坐楼杀惜
21 Taking Mount Twin Dragons by wit 智取二龙山
22 Wu Song slays the tiger 武松打虎
23 Pan Jinlian encounters Ximen Qing 潘金莲竿打西门庆
24 Pan Jinlian attempts to seduce Wu Erlang 金莲醉诱武二郎
25 Granny Wang accepts a bribe in greed and stirs up romantic feelings 王婆贪贿说风情
26 Granny Wang instigates Ximen Qing 王婆计唆西门庆
27 A wicked woman poisons Wu Dalang 恶妇药鸩武大郎
28 Wu Song kills his sister-in-law 武松杀嫂
29 "Female Yaksha" runs an inn at Cross Slope 十字坡母夜叉开店
30 Wu Song helps Shi En 武松援手助施恩
31 Beating up "Jiang the Door God" 醉打蒋门神
32 Chaos at Flying Cloud Pool 大闹飞云浦
33 Bloodbath at Mandarin Ducks Tower 血溅鸳鸯楼
34 Song Jiang spends the night in Qingfeng Fort 宋江夜宿清风寨
35 Hua Rong fires an arrow at "Fiery Thunderbolt" 花荣箭射霹雳火
36 Song Jiang meets Li Jun at Jieyang Ridge 揭阳岭宋江逢李俊
37 "Black Whirlwind" fights "White Stripe in the Waves" 黑旋风斗浪里白条
38 Writing a seditious poem at Xunyang Restaurant 浔阳楼题反诗
39 "Magic Traveller" delivers a fake letter 神行太保传假信
40 The heroes of Liangshan Marsh storm the execution ground 梁山泊好汉劫法场
41 Zhang Shun captures Huang Wenbing 张顺活捉黄文炳
42 The real and fake Li Kui 真假李逵
43 "Daredevil Third Brother" becomes sworn brothers with "Sick Guan Suo" 拼命三郎结拜病关索
44 Yang Xiong gets drunk and scolds Pan Qiaoyun 杨雄醉骂潘巧云
45 Shi Qian steals a hen in the Zhu Family Village 祝家庄时迁偷鸡
46 "Striking Hawk" writes a letter about life and death twice 扑天雕双修生死书
47 "Ten Feet of Blue" captures "Stumpy Tiger" 一丈青单捉矮脚虎
48 Three Assaults on the Zhu Family Village 三打祝家庄
49 Wang Ying's marriage 王英娶亲
50 "Lord of the Beautiful Beard" loses a child by carelessness 美髯公误失小衙内
51 "Dragon in the Clouds" conquers Gaotangzhou in a battle of magic 入云龙斗法破高唐
52 "Flea on a Drum" steals the armour 鼓上蚤盗甲
53 Defeating the chain-linked cavalry 大破连环马
54 Song Jiang braves danger by crossing three mountains 过三山宋江涉险
55 Wu Yong risks his life to persuade the Tigers 吴用换命说众虎
56 The three mountains submit to the Marsh 三山同心归水泊
57 Attacking the Zeng Family Fortress at night 夜打曾头市
58 Heavenly King Chao is wounded by an arrow 晁天王中箭
59 "Resourceful Wizard" wins over "Jade Unicorn" by cunning 智多星计赚玉麒麟
60 Lu Junyi hits Yan Qing by mistake 卢俊义错打燕小乙
61 Shi Xiu risks his life to storm the execution ground 劫法场石秀拼命
62 Song Jiang attacks Daming Prefecture 宋江兵打大名府
63 "Female Tiger" sends a letter by night 母大虫夜传信
64 "Great Blade" discusses conquering Liangshan Marsh 大刀关胜议取梁山泊
65 "Divine Physician" An Daoquan heals Song Jiang 安道全神医救宋江
66 "Timely Rain" gives up his place to "Jade Unicorn" 及时雨让位玉麒麟
67 Lu Junyi captures Shi Wengong 卢俊义活捉史文恭
68 Song Gongming righteously releases "General of Double Spears" 宋公明义释双枪将
69 "Featherless Arrow" defeats the heroes with flying stones 没羽箭飞石打英雄
70 The Grand Assembly of the heroes of Liangshan Marsh 梁山泊英雄排座次
71 "Black Whirlwind" tears down the yellow banner in anger 黑旋风怒砍杏黄旗
72 Li Kui admits his mistake 李逵负荆
73 Yan Qing's leitai match 燕青打擂
74 Li Kui becomes a magistrate in Shouzhang County 寿张县李逵乔坐衙
75 The Ruan brothers make fun of the imperial envoy 阮氏三雄戏钦差
76 The Five Tiger Generals defeat Tong Guan 五虎上将打童贯
77 The heroes taunt Marshal Gao 众好汉奚落高太尉
78 Capturing Gao Qiu in the marine battle 水战擒高俅
79 The heroes of Liangshan Marsh are granted amnesty 水泊梁山全伙受招安
80 Yan Qing bids Li Shishi farewell 燕青惜别李师师
81 The male and female "Featherless Arrow"s encounter each other at Fangyan Mountain 雌雄没羽箭斗会方岩山
82 The heroes attack Fang La 梁山奉诏讨方腊
83 Zhang Shun's death at Yongjin Gate 张顺魂归涌金门
84 Wu Song captures Fang La with one arm 武松单臂擒方腊
85 Song Gongming returns to his hometown in glory 宋公明衣锦还乡
86 Loyalty and righteousness reach high to the sky 忠义参天


Liangshan heroes[edit]



All Men Are Brothers Television Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Zhou Zhiyong
Released August 16, 2011 (2011-08-16)
Label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Longyue Wenhua

The music for the series was composed by Zhou Zhiyong (周志勇).

Track list[edit]

# Track title Credits Notes
1 四海
(pinyin: Sì Hǎi)
(translation: Four Seas)
Performed by Coco Lee Ending theme song of the Taiwanese release
2 自从你走后
(pinyin: Zì Cóng Ní Zǒu Hòu)
(translation: After You Left)
Performed by Chu Rui / Hu Dong Ending theme song
3 醉红颜
(pinyin: Zuì Hóng Yán)
(translation: Wine and Beauty)
Performed by Liu Yiduo
4 兄弟无数
(pinyin: Xīong Dì Wú Shù)
(translation: Countless Brothers)
Performed by Jing Gangshan Opening theme song
5 四海盟约
(pinyin: Sì Hǎi Méng Yuē)
(translation: Oath of the Four Seas)
Performed by Mao Amin Ending theme song
6 琴韵
(pinyin: Qín Yùn)
(translation: Melodies of the Qin)
Performed by Zhao Qiuxia
7 群山谱
(pinyin: Qún Shān Pǔ)
(translation: List of Mountains)
Performed by Chu Rui
8 大情感主题
(pinyin: Dà Qíng Gǎn Zhǔ Tí)
(translation: Deep Emotions Theme)
Performed by China National Symphony Orchestra
9 英雄之情怀
(pinyin: Yīng Xíong Zhī Qíng Huái)
(translation: Heroes' Feelings)
Performed by Song Fei
10 侠情
(pinyin: Xiá Qíng)
(translation: Chivalrous Passion)
Performed by China National Symphony Orchestra
11 乡土
(pinyin: Xiāng Tǔ)
(translation: Homeland)
Performed by Gao Guanlin (sanxian) and Niu Changhong (banhu)
12 水泊梁山
(pinyin: Shuǐ Pō Liáng Shān)
(translation: Liangshan Marsh)
Performed by Sun Hao / He Jiayi / Ding Guagua
13 鲁腔
(pinyin: Lǔ Qiāng)
(translation: Tunes from Lu)
Performed by China National Symphony Orchestra
14 英雄也有泪
(pinyin: Yīng Xíong Yé Yǒu Lèi)
(translation: Heroes Shed Tears Too)
Performed by China National Symphony Orchestra
15 英雄之忍辱而不屈
(pinyin: Yīng Xíong Zhī Rén Rǔ Bù Qū)
(translation: Heroes Bear with Humiliation but Do Not Yield)
Performed by China National Symphony Orchestra
16 自从你走后
(pinyin: Zì Cóng Ní Zǒu Hòu)
(translation: After You Left)
Performed by Hu Dong Ending theme song
17 男人的臂膀
(pinyin: Nán Rén Dè Bì Bǎng)
(translation: Men's Arms)
Performed by Liu Zhiyun (violin) and Song Fei (dihu)
18 绝地重生
(pinyin: Jué Dì Chóng Shēng)
(translation: Safety in a Dangerous Situation)
Performed by China National Symphony Orchestra

Hong Kong release[edit]

The Hong Kong release features a different opening and ending theme song from the original version. Both are sung in Cantonese.

# Track title Credits Notes
1 天道同行
(pinyin: Tiān Dào Tóng Xíng; Jyutping: Tin1 Dou6 Tung4 Hang4)
(translation: Walk Heaven's Path Together)
Lyrics by Sung Pui-yin; music by Yip Siu-chung; performed by Hubert Wu Opening theme song
2 飘花
(pinyin: Piāo Huā; Jyutping: Piu1 Faa1)
(translation: Drifting Blossoms)
Lyrics by England Cheng; music by Yip Siu-chung; performed by Hubert Wu Ending theme song


Region Network Dates Timings
Hong Kong High Definition Jade 4 May 2011 23:45 - 00:45 on weekdays
Taiwan China Television 25 July 2011 20:00 - 22:00 on weekdays
Taiwan NTV Variety 29 August 2011 20:00 - 21:00 on weekdays
Mainland China Anhui Satellite Channel 2 August - 10 September 2011 19:31 - 21:16 daily
Mainland China Tianjin Satellite Channel 2 August - 10 September 2011 19:30 - 21:15 daily
Mainland China Shandong Satellite Channel 2 August - 10 September 2011 19:31 - 21:15 daily
Mainland China Dragon Television 2 August - 10 September 2011 19:31 - 21:12 daily


Region Network Dates Timings
Mainland China Tianjin Satellite Channel 12 September 2011 19:30 - 21:15 daily
Mainland China Shandong Satellite Channel 12 September 2011 19:31 - 21:15 daily
Mainland China Dragon Television 12 September 2011 19:31 - 21:12 daily


Wu Ziniu was initially directing the series, but had switched to work on Great Porcelain Merchant as the shooting of All Men Are Brothers was delayed.[1] He was replaced by Hong Kong television series director Kuk Kwok-leung. Art director Zheng Xiaolong said that he felt that Wu would be more suitable as the director, but he also expressed confidence in Kuk.[2]

There were rumours that Fan Bingbing would be portraying Pan Jinlian. However, during the opening ceremony, Fan's spokesperson denied those claims and accused the production team of using Fan's name as a means of advertising the series. She added that Fan will only participate in projects her own company is involved in.[3] Zheng Shuang, who played Hu Sanniang in The Water Margin (1997), also expressed interest in taking on the (more challenging) role of Pan Jinlian.[4] However, Gan Tingting was eventually cast as Pan Jinlian.[5][6]

Photos of actor Wu Yue dressed in ancient Chinese armour and posing in various martial arts stances appeared on the Internet around late 2009. There were rumours about the photos being a preview to Lin Chong's character design in the upcoming All Men Are Brothers. Wu's spokesperson claimed that Wu did not receive an official invitation from the production team of All Men Are Brothers to join the project, although he did interact with them. The photos are actually part of a wuxia themed series of pictures used to promote the 2008 Summer Olympics.[7]

There were rumours that Deng Chao, Nie Yuan, Tong Dawei and Huang Xiaoming are part of the cast. Huang, who was initially a popular choice for the role of Yan Qing,[8] claimed that he did not receive any notice and is unable to join the project due to his schedule.[9] Deng was considered by Wu Ziniu for playing Song Jiang.[10] Nie was initially confirmed to portray Lin Chong,[10] but an online poll found that Nie ranked behind another actor, Yu Bo (于波), in terms of popularity for playing Lin Chong, even though the poll was not a factor in determining which actor would be cast.[11] Both Nie and Deng had expressed interest in taking on the role of Ximen Qing.[9]

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