All Nations Party of British Columbia

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The All Nations Party was a minor political party in British Columbia, Canada. Its primary base of support was the First Nations aboriginal peoples of Canada.

In the 2001 provincial election, the All Nations Party nominated 6 First Nations candidates for office. The party received 3,380 votes, 3.94% of the total votes in the ridings in which the candidates ran. The party's greatest electoral success came in North Coast riding, where 40% of the population is aboriginal. In this region, the All Nations Party received 4.84% of the vote, the second-largest share of votes cast. In Yale-Lillooet, party leader Don Moses won 1,126 votes for 6.87% of the total, placing 4th out of 6 candidates in the riding.

In 2004, the All Nations Party became involved in efforts to create a new centrist coalition. On January 16, 2005, the party was absorbed into the Democratic Reform British Columbia party.

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