All Neat in Black Stockings

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All Neat in Black Stockings
Directed byChristopher Morahan
Produced by
  • Leon Clore
  • John Arnold
Screenplay by
  • Jane Gaskell
  • Hugh Whitemore
CinematographyLarry Pizer
Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors Ltd
CountryUnited Kingdom

All Neat in Black Stockings is a 1968 British comedy film directed by Christopher Morahan and starring Victor Henry, Susan George and Jack Shepherd.[1] Based on a novel by Jane Gaskell, its plot follows an easygoing window cleaner who falls in love with a woman he meets in Swinging London. The film is in the British New Wave tradition and shows the blue collar working man lifestyle. The movie is a 1960s time capsule of cars, dress and dancing (even Old Spice cologne and Pepsi bottles).


Ginger (Victor Henry) is a window washer with an eye for the girls. His best friend and neighbor, Dwyer, (Jack Shephard) swaps girls with him. Ginger is washing hospital windows and he sets up a date with nurse Babette (Jasmina Hilton). A patient gives Ginger keys to his house and asks him to care for his pets during his hospital stay. Ginger takes Babette to the local pub but his interest wanders to Carole (Vanessa Forsythe) and Jill (Susan George). He sets up a date with Carole and later that night he switches date Babette with Dwyer. Best friends share everything.

Ginger cares for Mr. McLaughlin's birds, rabbits, white rats and many aquariums. This home is far nicer than Ginger's run down apartment. In fact his pushy brother-in-law moves in with Ginger's pregnant sister, Cecily (Anna Cropper). Issur (Harry Tawb) even moves in his girlfriend, Jocasta (Nita Lorraine). Milquetoast sister seems not to object.

Ginger takes Carole iceskating but his interest moves to her friend, Jill. He starts dating Jill and even buys her a large plush Penquin. He meets Jill's mother and Dwyer sees a difference in his friend. Ginger does not even try to have sex with Jill. Jill and her mother live together and Ginger befriends Mom.

Issur decides to have large unauthorized party in the borrowed residence. Angry Ginger shows up and starts to kick people out. The house was trashed. Later that night, Ginger finds Jill in bed with Dwyer. Jill has lost her virginity and Dwyer thought nothing was wrong because they always slept with each other's women. Brother-in-law goes off to Mexico with Jocasta. Jill ends up pregnant to Dwyer.

House setting man (Terence de Marney) returns from hospital to find his pets hungry and possessions damaged. He nonetheless hires Cecily as his housekeeper. Despite all, Ginger decides to marry Jill. Ginger makes a deposit on a rental property but Jill decides they will live with her mother. Jill has the baby and Ginger says it looks like Dwyer. Ginger continues work cleaning windows and stops for lunch at a diner. The waitress is young and pretty and Ginger flirts with her and the movie ends.


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