All Nepal Communist Revolutionary Coordination Committee (Marxist–Leninist)

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Communism in Nepal
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All Nepal Communist Revolutionary Coordination Committee (Marxist–Leninist) was a revolutionary communist movement formed in Nepal in 1975. ANCRCC(ML) had its roots in Jhapa District Committee of the Communist Party of Nepal as well as the Morang-based Nepal Revolutionary Organisation (Marxist-Leninist). In Jhapa armed struggle had been developed, inspired by the Naxalite movement in India.

ANCRCC(ML) gradually grew through engulfing other, minor communist factions by a series of mergers:

On December 26, 1978 ANCRCC(ML) launched Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist).


ANCRCC(ML) published Varg-Sangarsh and Mukti-Morcha.


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