All Nepal Trade Union Federation (Revolutionary)

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Full name All Nepal Federation of Trade Unions
Native name ANTUF
Founded Co.Nara Bahadur Karmacharya
Date dissolved 2007
Members More than 600 thousand
Head union Shalikram Jammakattel
Affiliation ITUC
Key people Shalikram Jammkattel
Office location Perisdanda-35, Kathmandu
Country Nepal

The All Nepal Federation of Trade Unions is claimed to be the largest trade union federation in Nepal. The president of the ANTUF is Shalikram Jammakattel and Baburam Gautam, Jay Jarki, Ganesh Regmi, Rajan Timilsena, Dhan Bdr Bk. and Jagat Simkhada are its main leaders.

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All Nepal Federation of Trade Unions (ANTUF) is an umbrella organization for industry-wise national trade union federations. It was established in 2007 with the prime motto of promoting and protecting the rights of workers. Decent work, complete social security of workers and democratic labour market is the primary concern of ANTUF. Registered in Labour Department, Government of Nepal, ANTUF has been intensifying its campaigns/activities in almost all the sectors from both formal and informal economy over the years. ANTUF has developed a numbers of trainers in different levels and established strong OSH national, regional/district and enterprises committees. Through regular training/orientation programs, it has not only organized more than 600000 workers across the nation but also empowered them as well. For past 7 years of its establishment, ANTUF has been constantly taking initiatives for the formation of Labour Law, Trade Union Law and Social Security Bill. Furthermore, ANTUF has been actively lobbying for ratification and implementation of all Labour Laws, Social Security Act and ILO Core Conventions. It has been pressurizing concerned authorities/entities to address the fundamental rights of all workers through the promulgation of new constitution. ANTUF has also been raising issues at national level for the genuine representation of workers including women workers in the decision making body. ANTUF strives for the democratic labor market and industrial development of nation that includes the end of feudalistic monarchy and the establishment of republic where political, socio-economic and workers rights are guaranteed. With its more than 600000 levy paying members, ANTUF has now been the leading foundation for the major section of both formal and informal economy workers that always strive for overall socio-economic and political changes in the nation. ANTUF's Assumptions: ANTUF believes that state machinery has to be changed to ensure absolute rights of all the working-class people. With its firm conviction, ANTUF takes necessary initiation to bring workers’ friendly state machinery into practice.