All Night Nippon

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All Night Nippon
Genre Late-night talk show
Running time 4 hours
Country  Japan
Home station Nippon Broadcasting System (NRN)
Starring see DJs
Air dates since October 1, 1967
Opening theme Bittersweet Samba by Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass
Website Official site

All Night Nippon (オールナイトニッポン?) (aka All Night and ANN) is a Japanese radio program broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System and other radio stations from 1–5 am (JST). It preempts broadcasts from TBS Radio's programming heard on stations under both JRN and NRN (TBC Radio, CBC Radio, etc.).

The highest ratings were achieved on the night of October 1, 1967.


The day of the week below are for the evening preceding in Japan, i.e. day in UTC.

  • Mondays – Fridays, 18:00 UTC – 20:00 UTC with "All Night Nippon 0(ZERO) (オールナイトニッポン0(ZERO))" (aired on 12 radio stations in Japan from 18:00 UTC until 19:00 UTC, and on 9 radio stations from 19:00 UTC until 20:00 UTC )
  • Saturdays, 14:30 UTC – 16:00 UTC with "All Night Nippon Saturday Special Okura-Kun to Takahashi-Kun (オールナイトニッポンサタデースペシャル 大倉くんと高橋くん)" (aired on 34 radio stations in Japan)
  • Saturdays, 18:00 UTC – 20:00 UTC with "All Night Nippon R (オールナイトニッポンR)" (aired on 22 radio stations in Japan from 18:00 UTC until 19:00 UTC, on 6 radio stations from 19:00 UTC until 19:30 UTC, and on 5 radio stations from 19:30 UTC until 20:00 UTC )
    • Other week: weekly
    • 3rd week: Sphere
  • Monthly Sunday, 18:00 UTC – 20:00 UTC with "Nakajima Miyuki no All Night Nippon Tsuki Ichi (中島みゆきのオールナイトニッポン月イチ)" (aired on 8 radio stations in Japan)


Before commercial breaks, a jingle is sung. The current one is performed by kz (livetune) and HachiojiP (Vocal:Hatsune Miku).

Other artists who sang the ANN Jingle are these:

  1. Man with a Mission
  2. Yu Sakai
  3. Girl Next Door
  4. Remark Spirits
  5.  !wagero!
  6. Hanako Oku
  7. Tommy February6
  8. Sum 41
  9. Charmysmile & Greenhead
  10. Ken Hirai
  11. L⇔R
  12. Selfish
  13. Keizo Nakanishi
  14. To Be Continued
  15. Crayon-sha
  16. Hiroko Taniyama
  17. Miyuki Nakajima
  18. Junko Ohashi
  19. Taeko Onuki
  20. Toshiki Kadomatsu
  21. Mariya Takeuchi
  22. Tatsuro Yamashita
  23. EPO
  24. The Three Graces

Popular culture[edit]

In 1986, Nintendo released All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros., a special Family Computer Disk System version of Super Mario Bros., as a contest prize for All Night Nippon listeners. The game mostly consisted of levels from the original Super Mario Bros., though it also included some levels, graphics, and other gameplay changes from the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2. Some enemies, characters, and level elements had their graphics changed to reflect people or symbols associated with All Night Nippon or the Nippon Broadcasting System.

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