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All Out
  • Andre Banks
  • Jeremy Heimans
Type501(c)(4); 501(c)(3) fund
Legal statusAdvocacy organization focused on changing policy
PurposeBringing people power to the global movement for love and equality
HeadquartersNew York City / London
ServicesPolitical advocacy
Executive Director
Matt Beard

All Out is a global not-for-profit organisation that is focused on political advocacy for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Founded in 2012,[1][2][3] All Out aims to bring the power of people beyond geographical barriers to express their solidarity and be a positive force on the side of LGBT people.[2]


In February 2014, All Out held demonstrations against the Olympic sponsors in nineteen cities to urge the sponsors to speak more forcefully against the law.[4][5][6][7][8]

All Out has organised many of the protests against Coca-Cola.[9][why?]

#GayIsOk was a campaign started by Lush cosmetics, backed up by All Out. The campaign raised £275,000 for the LGBT community.[10][11]

When the Google Translate tool translated the word 'gay' to offensive terms, the former Executive Director of All Out, Andre Banks, launched a petition calling for Google to make the necessary changes, gathering over 52,000 signatures for the campaign.[12]

In 2012, All Out took down a petition aimed at shooting back against anti-gay boycott groups placing pressure on EA due to gay characters included in the game publisher's titles. The page was hit by spam attacks that came from different IP addresses. This was later sorted by removing the spam comments and updating the signature count on the All Out’s campaign page.[13]

Following the rise of anti-gay rhetoric and violence coupled with the declaration of LGBT-free zones in Poland,[14] Polish LGBT community members have stated that they feel unsafe. All out launched a campaign to counter the attacks, some 10,000 people signing a petition shortly after the campaign launch.[15]

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