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All Over the Shop was a talk show broadcast on Melbourne’s 3 Triple R radio station. It was hosted by Leaping Larry L and Stew Farrell, airing Thursdays from 2pm – 4pm. It began broadcasting in April 2007 and the final broadcast was in December 2012. The show was live, in front of an audience.

The topics of the show were media stuff, real life and anything in between, also includes bulk swearing, groin and toilet references.[1]


Leaping Larry L- Often the show is used as a vehicle to plug his ventures of movie and trivia[2] nights and his website. He used to host shows on 3RRR such as Danger: Low Brow, The Love Dealers and It's Clobberin' time. He hosts the pure pop trivia competition in St. Kilda, Melbourne.

Stew Farrell- He is a co-host of the RRR breakfast show.

Regular segments

On This Day, A Waft From Stew’s Kitchen, Same Old Same Old, Medium Underdone, Beyond The News, Farrell Up the Arts, Overated Alley. Along with TV, movie and gig reviews.

Podcasts[3] are made available, from 3-6 months after the show aired.

Playlists from the show are updated on the All Over The Shop Page on the 3RRR website - but that happens less that podcasts being posted. The music played on the show is chosen by the hosts and is extremely varied in styles, examples of bands played are ODB, Queen, Slayer, Rolling Stones and The Ramones.

Interaction with listeners is encouraged through the use of a Facebook Fan Page.

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