All Pakistan Trade Union Federation

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Full name All Pakistan Trade Union Federation
Founded 1988
Members 140 unions
Affiliation Pakistan Workers Confederation
Key people Rubina Gulzar Chaudhry, chair
Gulzar Ahmend Chaudhry, general secretary
Office location Lahore, Pakistan
Country Pakistan

The All Pakistan Trade Union Federation (Urdu: آل پاکستان ٹريڈ يونين فيڈريشن‎, APTUF) is a national trade union center in Pakistan. It was formed in 1948 and has 240 affiliated unions, including workers in unorganized sectors such as brick kilns, oil tankers, and carpet workers. It is the second largest trade union federation in Pakistan today.

All Pakistan Trade Union Federation is an Independent and Democratic National Trade Union Federation which organises workers throughout all Pakistan regions, Baluchsitan as well as Punjab, Sind or Northern provinces.

Areas of organization of the workers[edit]

Trade unions of Paper & board, Chemical, printing, agricultural, steel, pharmaceutical, rubber, shoe and commercial units both in public and private sector, Railway union are part of the federation. Federation is also working to safeguard the rights of slum area people.

Women's wing[edit]

APTUF is also significant because its women wing is very strong and mobilizing women workers on trade union platform. The women leaders faced a lot of threats by the extremists as well as by the management and ruling government. Even though the patriarchal and feudalistic society is not allowing women to participate in trade union activities, but we are using the strategy of involving their family members in Trade union’s. Working Women Organization (WWO) is an independent organization which works with and supports APTUF activities.

Work with other unions and international links[edit]

The APTUF is Member of Pakistan Workers Confederation and works closely with the International Liaison Committee for a Workers' International based in Paris, France. APTUF has established a close cooperation with other independent pro- workers trade union federations, particularly in Asia, as well as in the whole world, for the promotion of friendship and exchange information and supporting their struggles in the labour movement.


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