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All Pro Wrestling
Founded 1991
Style Professional wrestling
Headquarters Hayward, California
Founder(s) Roland Alexander
Formerly Pacific Coast Sports

All Pro Wrestling is an American professional wrestling promotion and training school, based in Hayward, California, USA. The company was founded by Roland Alexander and managed by him until his death on November 5, 2013. It is located 45 miles southeast of San Francisco, 15 miles south of Oakland, and 35 miles north of San Jose.[1]


All Pro Wrestling opened in 1991 under the name, "Pacific Coast Sports". The school and its "Gym Wars" events maintained a strong local following throughout the 1990s, but it wasn't until professional wrestling's Attitude Era that APW gained national notoriety.

In 1999, All Pro Wrestling (APW) was featured as part of the documentary film, Beyond the Mat. Roland Alexander, along with wrestlers Tony Jones and Michael Modest appeared, as they were having a tryout match with the World Wrestling Federation. The spot in the film was said to have tremendously boosted the school's "Boot Camp" sign ups.

APW suffered a wrongful death lawsuit to the family of APW Boot Camp trainee, Brian Ong. On May 28, 2001, Ong was training with fellow trainee Dalip Singh, despite suffering from an earlier concussion. Singh delivered a flapjack to Ong twice, with his head striking the mat and worsening his concussion.[2] He was pronounced dead on arrival to a local hospital. Ong's family sued APW for reckless behavior. The case was filed in September 2002, and the trial was underway on June 10, 2005. After a three-week trial, on July 12, the jury voted unanimously in favor of the Ong family. APW was forced to pay $1.3 million to the Ong family.[3]

After a dispute with Roland Alexander in 2002, most of the APW roster, including trainers Michael Modest, Donovan Morgan, and Frank Murdoch left the company to start a training facility known as the Pro Wrestling IRON Tetsu Academy (now defunct). In April 2008, booker and promoter Gabriel Ramirez left the company to start his own promotion, Pro Wrestling Revolution. Former wrestling manager John LaRocca took over as head booker for the company.

In December 2009, APW began televising taped shows All Pro Wrestling Gym Wars on Saturday mornings on Channel 50 / Cable 199 in the San Francisco Bay Area.[4]

On Wednesday, December 14, 2011, All Pro Wrestling and Vendetta Pro Wrestling announced the Vendetta Pro Tag Team Titles will now be booked in All Pro Wrestling as well. The title was renamed the APW-Vendetta Pro "Unified" Tag Team Championship and be defended on Vendetta Pro and APW events. At that time "Dos Perfectos" (Greg Hernandez and Jesse Jimenez) were the Vendetta Pro Tag Team Champions and were crowned the first APW/Vendetta Pro Unified Tag Team Champions.

In March 2012 stars from Hawaii-based promotion AZW (Action Zone Wrestling)appeared on APW Gym Wars for their "Pacific Challenge". Joined by promoter Daryl Bonilla AZW was represented by Bobby Bolt, Mark Anarchy, Kaimana & "Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb while APW was represented by Jeckles, AJ Kirsch, Dylan Drake & Timothy Thatcher. A few months later Cobb returned to compete in APW's 2012 Young Lions Cup tournament while Dylan Drake appeared on AZW's event "Retribution".

Alexander died on November 5, 2013, following heart and diabetes issues, aged 59.[5]

The company is now run by head booker Markus Mac and is currently holding events at the Bayshore Community Center in Daly City, CA. After the closing of the APW Garage head trainer Jeckles opened his own school, the All Pro Dojo, in Union City, CA.[6]



Ring name Notes
Adam Thornstowe
Boyce LeGrande
Buddy Royal
Cheerleader Melissa
Chris Hero
Chris Masters
Colt Cabana
Daniel Torch
Dalton Frost
Damien Grundy
Dave Dutra
Douglas James
Drudawg Andrew Aycock
Dylan Drake
Jeffrey Cobb
Joey Ryan
Jody Kristofferson
JR Kratos
Julio Pedroza
Karl Fredericks
Kevin Michael Johnson
Levi Shapiro
Luster the Legend
Matt Carlos
Marcus Lewis APW Tag Team Champion
MVP APW Universal Heavyweight Champion
Rik Luxury
Ryan McQueen
Steven Kelly
Sione Finau
Timothy Thatcher
Vinnie Massaro
Virgil Flynn
Will Cuevas APW Worldwide Internet Champion
Will Hobbs APW Tag Team Champion
Will Rood

Managers and valets[edit]

  • Markus Mac (Pink Mink Inc. - Matt Carlos, Vinny Massaro, Julio Pedroza & Rik Luxury)
  • Brian Zane (The Classic Connection - Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro)
  • Caesar Black (Animal Farm - Will Rood, Damien Grundy & Kevin Michael Johnson)
  • 'Dirty' Dan Ryckert (The Classic Connection - Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro, Joey Ryan, "Golden Boy" Dylan Drake)


  • Roland Alexander (APW Founder) Deceased
  • Markus Mac (APW Booker)
  • Joseph Rodriguez (Pro Camp Coach, Beginners Coach, Advanced Semi-Pro Fundamentals Coach)
  • Larry Blackwell (Advanced Semi-Pro Fundamentals Coach)
  • Stephen Lawrence (Ring Announcer)
  • Sparkey Ballard (Senior Official)
  • Jacob Lee (Referee)
  • Alex Goldstein (Referee)
  • Shane Mai (Production Director)
  • Paul Adams (Still Photography/Film Director)
  • Carolyne Imbukwa, Bryant Gehring (Film)

APW Championships/Accomplishments[edit]

Current championships[edit]

Championship Champion Reign Previous Held since Days
APW Universal
Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Cobb 1 Luster the Legend May 6, 2017 219 San Francisco, Ca
APW Worldwide
Internet Championship
Karl Fredericks 1 Will Cuevas May 6, 2017 219 San Francisco, California
APW Tag Team
Lion Power
(Marcus Lewis and
Will Hobbs
1 The Classic Connection
(Buddy Royal and
Levi Shapiro
May 6, 2017 219 San Francisco, California[7]

Defunct Championships[edit]

Championship Champion Previous Date Won Date Retired
APW Junior
Heavyweight Championship
Chris Cole Erin O'Grady May 10, 1997 October 3, 1997
APW Above The Law /
Future Legends Championship
Cheerleader Melissa Mariko Yoshida May 3, 2005 Fall 2005
APW/Vendetta Pro Unified
Tag Team Championship
Boyce LeGrande & Mustafa Saed Pink Mink, Inc.
("Magnificent" Matt Carlos &
"Wrestling Personified" Rik Luxury)
October 26, 2013 January 2014

Tournaments/Special Events[edit]

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