Russian Bandy Federation

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Russian Bandy Federation
Федерация хоккея с мячом России, ФХМР (FKhMR)
All Russian Bandy Federation logo.jpg
Logo of the federation
Formation 1898/1992
Type Governing body
Purpose Governing body for the sport of bandy
  • Moscow, Russia
Russian Federation
Membership (1955/1992)
Federation of International Bandy
Boris Skrynnik

The Russian Bandy Federation (Russian: Федерация хоккея с мячом России, ФХМР (FKhMR)), formerly All-Russian Bandy Federation (Всероссийская федерация хоккея с мячом)[1] is the governing body for bandy in the Russian Federation. It was founded in 1992 when it replaced the old Soviet federation (Federation of bandy and field hockey USSR) as a member of the Federation of International Bandy (FIB).


The Soviet Union was dissolved in December 1991, in the middle of the bandy season. This sudden political change led the Soviet national teams to initially be rebranded as CIS in January and February 1992. A new Russian national team was also set up and at the Russian Government Cup 1992 both teams played. The federation traces its history to the national bandy federation founded in imperial Russia back in 1898.


The Russian Bandy Federation is headquartered in Moscow. President since 2009 is Boris Skrynnik, who is also the president of FIB since 2005. The federation has four vice presidents, one of whom is former pro-boxer Nikolai Valuev, who is also the general manager of the Russia national bandy team; another vice president is Sergey Myaus, head coach of the national bandy team.

The federation is governing the national leagues in Russia, which is set up in a top-tier Russian Bandy Super League and second tier leagues, as well as the Russian Cup. The Russian Bandy Super League is fully professional and the winning team each year is crowned Russian champions. There are also a lot of regional and city leagues for minor and junior teams, which are not directly connected to the national leagues (teams can not be promoted to a national league) but this is where new bandy talents are discovered. These are directed through regional federations which are part of the Russian Bandy Federation.


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