All Star Cheer Squad

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All Star Cheer Squad
All Star Cheer Squad.jpg
Developer(s) Gorilla Systems[1]
Publisher(s) THQ
Platform(s) Wii
Nintendo DS
Release October 27, 2008
Genre(s) Rhythm game
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

All Star Cheer Squad is a rhythm video game developed by Gorilla Systems Corp for the Wii and Nintendo DS. It was released on October 27, 2008.[2] The Wii version is one of several Wii games to use the Wii Balance Board.

The game is THQ’s "first original property created specifically for girls".[3]


The games stars you becoming a cheerleader at a week-long cheer camp. You make friends and enemies, practice fun stunts, compete and challenge other cheerleaders, and eventually become captain of the Wolf Squad.

On the Wii, the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, along with the Balance Board can be used to perform cheer and dance moves. Cheerleading choreographer Tony G of Bring It On fame acted as chief consultant to the game.[4]


You arrive at Camp Spirit as a rookie cheerleader on the Wolf Squad, a squad that doesn't have high ratings. As soon as you get there, another cheerleader challenges you to a cheer challenge and you meet up with your spiteful cousin, Becka. Becka challenges you to a night time cheer challenge after curfew, so you sneak out at night but she doesn't show up. You end up getting in trouble for sneaking out after curfew. The next day, you are assigned a punishment and you soon begin cheer events and competitions against other squads. Jayden, one of your squad mates, find out that Becka tricked you and decides to take revenge on Becka's squad, Tiger Squad. Jayden finds the Wolf Squad spirit stick missing, and guessing that Tiger Squad stole it, sneaks into the Tiger Squad dorm and steals their spirit stick. It turns out the captain of your squad, Kieko, just took your stick to a camp council meeting so Jayden asks you to sneak into the Tiger Squad dorm after curfew and return the stick. You successfully return the stick, but Kieko comes back from the meeting and you get into trouble. Jayden blames the whole thing on you, and you are assigned a punishment next day. The next day, Jayden feels bad for you and admits that she stole Tiger Squad's spirit stick. Kieko refuses to lift your punishment, and Jayden tells the cheer council about it. The council decides that you showed true spirit by taking the blame for Jayden and Kieko didn't because she didn't lift the punishment. You get promoted to captain of Wolf Squad in Kieko's place. You are harsh on your squadmates and they start to get upset with you. That night, you and Jayden here a noise coming from another dorm and Jayden asks you to go and investigate. You sneak out and find Becka having to work out all night without food in Tiger Squad's dorm by her captain, Brianna. You take pity on her and sneak into the kitchen. You bring Becka cake and she starts being nice to you. The next day is the last day of cheer camp. What Brianna had done to Becka gave you a change of heart. Becka nominates you for camp champ against Tiger Squad leader Brianna. The next day, you challenge her and become camp champ. You compete in a few more events and challenge more cheerleaders to get patches for your journal, and end up winning the last cheer event.

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