All Summer Holiday

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全身暑假 (All Summer Holiday)
All Summer Holiday joey yung.jpeg
Studio album by Joey Yung
Released 5 June 2001
Genre Canto-pop
Length 39:50
Label EEG
Joey Yung chronology
Love Joey
(2001)Love Joey2001
All Summer Holiday
Solemn on Stage
(2001)Solemn on Stage2001

All Summer Holiday is Joey Yung's second Cantonese full-length studio album, released on 5 June 2001.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "告解" Confession
  2. "瘦身大法" Slimming Method
  3. "全身暑假" (H2O 主題曲) All Summer Holiday
  4. "一個人砌圖" Playing Jigsaw Puzzle Alone
  5. "寂寞大道" Road To Loneliness
  6. "阿門" Amen
  7. "愛している" Aishiteiru (Love You)
  8. "他狠過你" He is Crueler Than You
  9. "故弄玄虛" Playing Tricks
  10. "我不要你" I Don't Want You
  11. "隨夢而行" Follow Your Dream - on Special Edition CD only