All That (season 6)

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All That (season 6)
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes
  • 13 (regular)
  • 11 (Best of)
Original networkNickelodeon
Original releaseJanuary 15 –
July 15, 2000
Season chronology
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Season 5
Next →
Season 7
List of All That episodes

The sixth season of All That ran from January 15, 2000 to November 18, 2000. This season contained 16 episodes, in addition to 11 specials titled the Best of All That in 1999-2001.

Many changes occurred before the start of this season. Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson both left the show toward the end of the fifth season. Mitchell and Thompson would both go on to film the final season of Kenan & Kel and then leave Nickelodeon altogether. Producers hired then unknown comic Gabriel Iglesias to replace the absence left by Mitchell and Thompson.

Producers also upgraded Nick Cannon and Mark Saul to repertory status. They were the first cast members in the show's history to survive featured status, unlike that of Tricia Dickson, Victor Cohn-Lopez and Zach McLemore in past seasons.

After 13 episodes the show was put on hiatus. To keep the show running, the producers compiled a series called Best of All That, featuring the season four cast members: Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg, Kel Mitchell, Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, and Kenan Thompson. After those six episodes were four episodes called "Tunes into TV" (that had skits saluting comedy series), "Peas, Cheese, Bag of Chips" (that had skits featuring food), "Music" (featuring musical guests from past episodes), and "Dates, Goats, and Romance" (which shows clips from skits that had goats, dates, love or even all three elements). Leon Frierson and Christy Knowings did not have Best Of specials.

Eventually, Nickelodeon canceled All That, due to crew disputes and a general desire to move on. However, All That still had a strong following and was one of the most popular shows on the network. Nickelodeon planned to relaunch the show, starting from scratch.

Season 6 is the only season to feature Gabriel Iglesias and the last one for Bynes, Cannon, Frierson, Knowings, Kopelow, the big ear of corn, Saul, Server and Tamberelli. After the season ended, Bynes went on to have a successful film and television career. Nick Cannon got his own show on Nickelodeon called The Nick Cannon Show. After the show ended, he went on to have a successful film and TV career and still has strong ties with Nickelodeon. His current tie with Nickelodeon is his role as "Chairman" of TeenNick, since September 28, 2009. Gabriel Iglesias went on to become a very successful stand-up comedian. Christy Knowings left show business on her own terms. Leon Frierson left show business to have a normal life. Danny Tamberelli and Mark Saul left show business to focus on school. Josh Server also left on his own terms but kept strong ties with Nickelodeon and has made guest appearances on current Nickelodeon shows.


Repertory players

bold denotes Vital Information anchor only


No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
1041"B*Witched"January 15, 2000 (2000-01-15)601

  • Green Room-The Prize in the Box: Amanda buys a tasty new cereal called "All That in a Box" with a unique prize-a cast member is in every box! Sure enough, Gabriel comes out of the box, covered in cereal.
  • Cheeseburger Doyle, Private Eye
  • Vital Information
  • Turbulent Airlines Flight
  • Ask Ashley
  • Pizza GuyL
  • Baby Chat
  • Vital Introduction

(First Episode to Feature Gabriel Iglesias)

1052"Blaque"January 22, 2000 (2000-01-22)602

  • Green Room- Detective Dan: Detective Dan comes in. The cast thinks Josh is playing around, until Josh appears himself.
  • Jimmy Bond vs Mr. Nice Guy
  • Vital Information
  • Turblent Airlines Flight
  • Latanya At Dudco - Latanya tries to get a guy (Josh), unfortunately it turns out he's her boss (Christy)'s boyfriend.
  • Jiffy Springs Introduces Musical Guest
  • Musical Guest: Blaque ("Bring It All To Me")
1063"Mandy Moore"January 29, 2000 (2000-01-29)603

  • Green Room- Bowling: Amanda and Mark are bowling. But, when Danny loses the ball they decide to play with his head.
  • Stuart- The greatest check-out guy (Stuart acts like an octopus in front of Nick and tells him to pay a nine hundred billion trillion quadrillion gazillion dollars for the bananas, he sprayed his mouth with shaving cream and sprays it on Leon's face, took a bite of Amanda's tortillas, and tied up the real check-out guy (Danny))
  • Vital Information
  • Whateverr!!: The girls are introduced to Ricky Martin's brother, Benji Martin (Gabriel).
  • Baby Chat. The babies talk about politics.
  • Everything for Free Store Everything in the store, including a TV and a diamond necklace. But you better pay for the watch.
  • Stinke-E-Sneezes: A couple (Josh and Gabriel) take their kids (Amanda and Mark) to a restaurant where everything stinks.
  • Baby Chat Introduces Musical Guest
1074"The cast from Snow Day/Hoku"February 12, 2000 (2000-02-12)604

  • Green Room-Snowman Kevin: It's a snowy day, and Amanda, Nick, Gabriel and Josh decide to build a snowman. But where did Kevin go-and why is that snowman saying "Five minutes?"
  • Cockroaches in your Pants: Jerry Futile hosts a new show where he stuffs cockroaches down peoples' pants.
  • Vital Information
  • Francis the Caveman - Snow Day
  • Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz: Leroy talks about why laundry irritates him
  • Boring Man vs. Hypnopants: Superhero Boring Man (Danny), whose superpower involves boring people with long stories, meets Hypnopants (Mark), who hypnotizes people with his pants.
  • Cast Of Snow Day Introduce Musical Guest
1085"LFO"February 26, 2000 (2000-02-26)605

  • Green Room-The Musical: The entire cast sings a song before the show starts.
  • Channel 6½ News: Brenda sends Ray to a zoo where he is inside the cage of a gorilla.
  • Vital Information
  • Cheeseburger Doyle, Private Eye: A woman (Christy) asks Cheeseburger Doyle (Danny) to find out why her husband (Mark) keeps coming home late.
  • Baby Chat
  • Toby Braun: Toby (Josh) shows his new product, the Trophy-Maker 2000.
  • Dr. Debbie (Amanda) introduces the musical guest.
1096"M2M"March 4, 2000 (2000-03-04)606

  • Green Room-Half-Rat: Leon is acting extremely odd-he sniffs out garbage and is obsessed with cheese. The kids soon discover that he has become a half-rat, half-boy!
  • Jiffy Springs (Amanda), Bengi Martin and The Spice Boys
  • Vital Information
  • Pizza Guy in Ms. Klump's Class
  • Babychat
  • Danny and Josh in a "slow-food" restaurant sketch, with several interruptions.
  • Channel 6½ Breaking News: Brenda's coffee spilled!
  • Latanya introduces Musical Guest
  • Musical Guest: M2M ("Mirror Mirror")
1107"Sheryl Swoopes & No Authority"March 11, 2000 (2000-03-11)607

  • Green Room-Hide and Seek: It's an extreme game of hide-and-seek, with Leon hiding in the water cooler, Christy hiding on the TV, and Danny in Amanda's mouth!
  • Cheesburger Doyle, Private Eye
  • Vital Information
  • Bill Clinton - Three Shortage: President Bill Clinton (Gabriel) announces that America is facing a shortage of the number three. To replace it, he develops a new word-"chippermonkey."
  • Al and Nigel, Animal Wranglers
  • Channel 6½ News Break:
  • Dr. Debbie, the Cheerleader examines Bernie Kibbitz, Billy Fuco, and a mailman (Nick) who got hit by a rock (featuring Sheryl Swoopes).
  • Hypno-Pants (Mark) introduces musical guest
1118"Sammie"March 18, 2000 (2000-03-18)608

  • Green Room-Portal: Leon, Gabriel, and Mark are stuck in the Green Room, until they find a mysterious portal to another dimension open!
  • Latanya at Dudco. Latanya tries to show Ricardo (Mark Saul) that she is the boss of Dudco.
  • Vital Information
  • An Important Message From Sweaty Spice
  • Francis the Caveman Show: Francis interviews Bill Clinton (Gabriel) and Jiffy Springs.
  • Channel 6½ News: Breaking News. The state map is now different that what it used to be, with Colorado and California switched, and more.
  • Stuart takes over Ask Ashley
  • Bernnie Kibbitz (Josh) introduces Musical Guest
1129"Britney Spears"April 29, 2000 (2000-04-29)609

  • Green Room-Leon for President: It's a presidential election, and the kids nominate...Leon!
  • Agent Jimmy Bond vs. Mr. Big
  • Vital Information
  • Superhero Auditions
  • Channel 6½ Breaking News: Brenda breaks flower pot
  • Toby Braun
  • Murray's supposed to introduce the musical guest, but after he pops his balloon, Leon introduces the musical guest
11310"*NSYNC"June 24, 2000 (2000-06-24)610

  • Green Room-Exercise Bike: After Danny uses the new exercise bike, Amanda reveals that Danny set the machine to "Magnitize", causing him to become magnetic!
  • Detective Dan: Detective Dan crashes a wedding
  • Vital Information
  • Baby Chat
  • Channel 6½ News: World's Tallest Building
  • Al and Nigel, Animal Wranglers
  • Whateverrr!: Workout
  • Amanda turns a grapefruit into *NSYNC
11411"Music and More Backstage Pass"June 30, 2000 (2000-06-30)611

  • A backstage look into All That's Music & More Festival, featuring interviews, performances, and highlights.
11512"Tracie Spencer"October 7, 2000 (2000-10-07)612

  • Green Room-Bionic Danny: Danny is rebuilt with some cool robotic features-they prove to be very cool.
  • Cheesburger Doyle, Private Eye: A woman (Christy) asks Cheeseburger Doyle to find out if her husband (Josh) showers after playing baseball.
  • Vital Information
  • Channel 6½ News Breaking News:
  • Vegetable Hunting: A hunter (Josh) shows someone (Nick) how to hunt vegetables.
  • Baby Chat
  • Boring Man: Boring Man deals with the return of Hypnopants
  • Channel 6½ News Intro to the Musical Guest
11613"Ideal"November 11, 2000 (2000-11-11)613

  • Green Room-Leon Deflates: After, Gabriel pops him by accident, Leon deflates, and is blown up by a helium pump.
  • Turblent Airlines
  • Vital Information
  • An Important Message From Jiffy Springs: Jiffy tells us about late limousines.
  • Happy Homestuff with Gloria Bankhead: Gloria (Christy) shows us how to make interesting crafts.
  • Baby Chat
  • Alien in the Classroom: An alien masquerading as a fireman comes to Miss Klump's class.
  • Channel 6½ Breaking News:
  • Jimmy Bond & Agent Z introduce the musical guest.
  • Musical Guest: Ideal - "All About You"
11714"IMx"November 18, 2000 (2000-11-18)614

  • Green Room-Danny's Bad Hair Day: Danny has a hair day so bad that he repulses everyone who comes near! Eventually, Christy decides to let Danny borrow her hair.
  • Channel 6½ News with Ray Borealis
  • Vital Information For Your Every Day Life - Danny is hit with stuff
  • Happy Homestuff With Gloria Bankhead: Gloria has Bill Clinton (Gabriel) as a guest on the show.
  • An Important Message From Mumbly Spice
  • Stuart: Substitute Teacher (Stuart splats an egg on Nick, scratches the board in front of everyone, threw Danny out of the window twice, taped Billy Fuco threw the wall, and tied up the real teacher (Gabriel) in the phone booth.)
  • Ask Ashley
  • Turblent Airline Intro To Musical Guest
  • Musical Guest: IMx ("In & Out of Love")

(Last Episode of the show's 1st run and to feature Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon, Leon Frierson, Gabriel Iglesias, Christy Knowings, Kevin Kopelow, the big ear of corn, Mark Saul, Josh Server and Danny Tamberelli)

11815"The Best of Lori Beth Denberg"March 8, 2001 (2001-03-08)615

  • A collection of skits featuring Lori Beth Denberg from Seasons 1-4. Among the skits featured are... Loud Librarian, Ms Fingerly, Complaint Department, Vital Information, and much more.
11916"The Best of Danny Tamberelli"March 10, 2001 (2001-03-10)616

  • A collection of skits featuring Danny Tamberelli from Seasons 4-6. Among the skits featured are Vital Information, Jack Cambel fat cop, and much more.
12017"The Best of Tunes into TV"March 18, 2001 (2001-03-18)617

  • A collection of skits saluting classic comedy series. Among the skits included are...Urkel's Holiday Hits, I Luv Lucy, and much more.
12118"Peas, Cheese and a Bag of Chips"March 25, 2001 (2001-03-25)618

  • A collection of skits saluting classic comedy series. Among the skits included are...Urkel's Holiday Hits, I Luv Lucy, and much more.
12219"The Best of Music"April 10, 2001 (2001-04-10)619

  • Musical guests from seasons one through six.
12320"Dates, Goats, and Romance"May 17, 2001 (2001-05-17)620

  • Clips that feature mainly dates & a goat.