All Time Super Best

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All Time Super Best
All Time Super Best (album).jpg
Compilation album by Tomoyasu Hotei
Released December 7, 2005
Genre Rock
Length 71:32
Label EMI
Tomoyasu Hotei chronology
Monster Drive
All Time Super Best

All Time Super Best is a compilation album by Tomoyasu Hotei. It features work from his entire career, spanning three decades. His solo work such as Russian Roulette is accompanied with tracks such as Be My Baby and Bad Feeling, which were hits with his bands Complex and Boøwy respectively. It also includes yet another version of his now internationally prolific Battle Without Honor or Humanity.

  1. "Bad Feeling (25 Years Anniversary Version)"
  2. "Be My Baby (25 Years Anniversary Version)"
  3. "Saraba Seishun No Hikari (Unplugged)"
  4. "Thrill (Punky Version)"
  5. "Beat Sweet (25 Years Anniversary Version)"
  6. "Bambina (Bambina Go! Go! Version)"
  7. "Lonely Wild (Orchestral Version)"
  8. "Poison (Sexy Jazz Version)"
  9. "Song for Us (25 Years Anniversary Version)"
  10. "Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Samurai Mix)"
  11. "Russian Roulette"
  12. "Nocturne No. 9"
  13. "Destiny Rose"
  14. "Love Junkie"
  15. "Identity (New Mix)"