All Tomorrows

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All tomorrows cover.jpg
AuthorC. M. Kosemen
GenreScience fiction
Publication date

All Tomorrows is a science fiction novel written and illustrated by the Turkish artist C. M. Kosemen, under the pen name Nemo Ramjet. It tells the journey of the evolution of human race over the next billion years,[1] counting from the date man colonized the solar system, to their galactic dominance and ultimate disappearance.


The story starts with the world more or less as it is known in the early 21st century. Then, it describes the colonization of Mars. The Martian society begins as a colony of Earth, but asserts its independence in a war rather similar to the American Revolution. After the war a new human species, the Star People are created. These perfected humans colonize the entire Solar Systems and many others, but are eventually destroyed by the Qu, an insect-like expansionist species who excel at nanotechnology and genetic engineering. The Qu manipulate human DNA and revert the Star People to animal status. Some of the new post-human species eventually evolve sentience again, only to fall prey to sentient machines developed by one of them. The machines are however defeated by the Astromorphs – descendants of Star People who escaped the Qu into interstellar space and developed enormous brains, such as are possible only in a weightless environment. A galactic utopia follows until all the post-human civilizations mysteriously disappear.

Human species included[edit]

Summer of Man[edit]

  • Martians
  • Star People

Qu Invasion[edit]

  • Worms
  • Titans
  • Predators
  • Mantelope
  • Swimmers
  • Lizard Herders
  • Temptors
  • Bone Crusher
  • Colonials
  • Flyers
  • Hand Flappers
  • Blind Folk
  • Lopsiders
  • Striders
  • Parasites
    • Host
  • Finger Fishers
  • Hedonists
  • Insectophagi
  • Spacers
  • Ruin Haunters

Sentience Reborn[edit]

  • Snake People (Descendants of the Worms)
  • Killer Folk (Descendants of the Human Predators)
  • Tool Breeders (Descendants of the Swimmers)
  • Saurosapients (Livestock of the Lizard Herders)
  • Modular People (Descendants of the Colonials)
  • Pterosapiens (Descendants of the Flyers)
  • Asymmetric People (Descendants of the Lopsiders)
  • Symbiotes (Descendants of the Parasites)
  • Sail People (Descendants of the Finger Fishers)
  • Satyriacs (Descendants of the Hedonists)
  • Bug Facers (Descendants of the Insectophagi)
  • Asteromorphs (Descendants of the Spacers)

Machine Invasion[edit]

  • Gravital (Descendants of the Ruin Haunters)
  • Subjects (Many descendants of the Bug Facers)

The Fall of the Machines/Return of the Spacers[edit]

  • The Other Machines
  • Asteromorph Gods (Descendants of the Asteromorphs)

Postwar Galaxy[edit]

  • Terrestrials
  • The New Machines
  • Rescued Subjects

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