All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers' Trade Union

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Full name All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers' Trade Union
Founded 1937
Members Approx 2000 (2006)
Affiliation NATUC, ITUC
Key people Nirvan Maharaj, President General
Office location Rienzi Complex, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago
Country Trinidad and Tobago

The All Trinidad Sugar and General Workers' Trade Union (ATSGWTU) is a trade union in Trinidad and Tobago. It was founded in 1937 (as the All Trinidad Sugar Estates and Factory Workers Union by the first President General Adrian Cola Rienzi) to represent workers in the sugar industry, but expanded its scope in 1978 to include workers in a variety of sectors.

Due to the closing of the government company, Caroni (1975) Ltd., in 2003 by the Trinidad and Tobago government, the ATSGWTU has lost around 10,000 members. The union is restructuring and attempting to focus on continued growth and development. The union has changed its name to the All Trinidad General Workers' Trade Union, ATGWTU, because of a loss of the country's sugar industry.[1]

Basdeo Panday, the former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, was the president of the ATSGWTU from 1973 until his appointment as Prime Minister in 1995.[2]

The ATSGWTU is affiliated with the International Trade Union Confederation, National Trade Union Centre of Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidad & Tobago Blind Welfare Association.

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